Incredible Stories of Faith #1

I have a new hero! Katie Davis! She is 22 years old, pretty and …..  has 13 children! That’s right! 13 foster children. Did I mention that she is from Tennessee and lives in Uganda….with 13 children. I heard her story the other day on NPR. Four years ago she was the homecoming queen at her high school in Brentwood, TN. She had a yellow convertible and planned to study nursing in college. Those plans have changed! Today she is either the foster parent or legal guardian for the 13 girls, ages 2-15. She hopes to adopt all of them. She traveled to Uganda in ’07 and worked in a kindergarten. It was a temporay job and she planned to return in the fall and start college. But,  a mud hut collapsed on 3 AIDS orphans. One of  the girls had no family so she took in Agnes. More girls arrived. One by one. All alone and without hope. Now there are 13.

Interesting facts…. the local government at times resists her efforts to care for these children. She hasn’t been back to go to nursing school but does alot of nursing, both to the children and to the local community. She idolizes mother Theresa who also served the poor and unwanted. She teaches the children about Jesus and his love. She drives around town in a van and awaits the opportunity to adopt (legally) all of them! She wants to someday marry and have biological children but…. not now!

Reminds me of the starfish story. The man was walking on a beach and rescuing stranded starfish. Could he save all of them. No! But he saved those that he could!



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