If you want walk on water…….get out of the boat

     When dealing with adversity, I have noticed that apathy is absent. The hurrucane will affect many and everyone will care. Some will help and others will not. The same after a death or divorce. Catastrophe causes action (right or wrong). Apathy is reserved for the good days when we are relaxed or have nothing challenging us.

     So, get out of your comfort zone as you survive you hurricane (literally or figuratively). It is a call to action. Hear ye, hear ye!



caution: reality is brutal and direct. Paul talked in 1 Corinthians 7 about how a spouse would “complicate” your christian walk. How you have to please your mate and GOD.  So, if ONE meets another ONE and become TWO……….

The last two weeks I have counseled (unofficially) a person who is getting an annulment after a month and a person who took her father on her honeymoon with her because she didn’t trust her husband. Both are nice people who became physically involved with ONE who didn’t respect them, their faith or marriage. Alot of pain out there!!!

ONE may not find another ONE at their home congregation but you can find someone who loves the LORD. Then both of you have to adjust your preferences to each other. And, even if you find someone awesome, marriage is still a lot of work.

One is the Loneliest Number

Sing it Chuck! Sing it! Yes, One is the loneliest number. GOD recognized that man shouldn’t be alone from the beginning. Jesus, send out disciples to serve in twos. Marriage is to join two who become one in spirit. So the great theologians from California (Three Dog Night) were right. One is the loneliest number.

So, wise theologians, how does One deal with being One and find satisfaction and security. After all, even if the One serves the community, goes on a mission trip, visits the sick and prisoners….even if One is seeking the kingdom of God first….it is LONELY at night when you are home alone.

One can pray when lonely. And, it does help. One knows that they are truly married to Jesus first. That comforts also. One knows that God is in control.

But, One is still lonely. What to do? When Adam was lonely, God created Eve. How about it? Just drop a perfect mate in the living room. The problem is that in our society, if One comes home and finds a naked person on the couch, One will call the cops!!!!! When Issac was lonely, Abraham sent his servant to find him a wife from another land. Yo Pop, do we have a servant that we can send to another land to find me a mate??? Sorry, no servant and limited budget! One is foiled again. One could shop on the internet extensively and fall in love with the UPS delivery person. It’s happened…..Yeah, right.

Ok, your turn! Tell me your strategies (good and bad) to help One become Two.

Christian Dating #2

 I suggest each of you read 1 Corinthians 7 carefully. It covers many relational situations.

     Ok. So what is different about dating as a Christian? Unfortunately, for many, nothing. But GOD expects morale behavior at all times, in all situations.

      Do’s of a Christian date: dress nice (whatever that means), comb your hair, brush you teeth, matching socks, be modest. Dress for the occasion. For example; a ball game- shorts, T-shirt, sneakers…….a benefit dinner- semi-formal (whatever that means). Be considerate of both your and your date’s money. Go where you both can be happy. Go out where many people are. Progress at a relaxed pace.

     Don’t of a Christian date: no sexual immorality….be careful not to be alone and too lonely at the same time. Keep your hands to yourself. Don’t order extravagantly. Don’t talk too much. Don’t refuse to talk. don’t check out other people. Don’t forget who your mama is…your daddy is ….your Jesus is.

     Enjoy group activity. spend time in service. feed the hungry. visit the sick. I have a friend who met his wife while visiting a stranger at a nursing home. He went as a favor to me. A sweet nurses aide saw how thoughtful he was and got to know him.

     Hold hands. I wouldn’t date (much less marry) someone that I don’t enjoy holding hands with.

Christian Dating #1

     Like I would know………My grandfather told me to compliment a girl “Mary, that’s a nice dress!” I told him that girls weren’t wearing dresses in my school anymore. He said “Boy, you are on your own then.”  Compliments still work. Sincere, appropriate compliments.

A good resource: Joshua Harris: I kissed Dating Goodbye.

Dr. Grey suggested that Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus……..He suggests that if a woman wants to meet a man, take up a manly habit, like golf or scuba. If a man wants to meet a women, take an arts and crafts class or go antique (ing). MY WARNING: it only works if you plan to continue this behavior through the subsequent marriage. Otherwise, deception is obvious.

     When dating, we are on our best behavior. Things go downhill from there. So watch how your “date” behaves. (MEN) If they are eager to buy the most expensive item on the menu, you can expect them to be high maintenance. (LADIES) if you notice him “eyeballing” other women…..get used to it. (BOTH) if your date is a jerk toward the waitstaff at a restaurant or the clerks in the store, this is how they will be to you. After all, you will be “only a servant” soon enough.

Good question: Are you a Christian? 90% of Americans would say yes.

Better question: Do you attend the Lord’s church? Many attend but warming a pew isn’t enough, is it?

Best question: Do you love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul? Probably a keeper!

If you want to meet a drunk, go to a bar. If you want to have a spouse to take care of….marry one who is 30 and still lives at home. If you like them “broken in” marry the one with the bad rep. (read Hosea). If you want separate lives, marry an exact opposite.

Let me hear from you!

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