Where are your priorities?

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these this will be given unto you” Matthew 6:33

What are you looking for (Sally, 44, from Wichita)? Ken (SWM) from Miami is 67 and looking for a SWF, 33 or younger, blonde and athletic. Millie from Parsippany likes long walks on the beach, romantic sunsets and dining out. Roger from Long Beach wants a soul mate to bicycle, work out with and watch Disney movies……hmmm. Is this the Single Mingler or Plenty of Flounder dating site? People seeking a worldly encounter? A walk through the oldies of the newspaper personals?

Sadly, this is a representation of church singles sites on facebook. OUR church (churches of Christ). One guy posted a picture of him in short shorts as he sought a “young babe”.  Another argued about how “porn isn’t adultery”.  Still another moans and groans about  how his cheating wife has ruined his life….She has been gone 15 years, married to another for 12! Thank goodness the ladies are better! Wait! “Nobody” in the Lord’s church is good enough for me…. Somebody (else) should do something!

My reminder…” Seek ye first the kingdom of God”. How about “be where you are supposed to be and do what you are supposed to do”?

Go on a mission trip! You will meet missionaries and seekers!

Feed the hungry! You will meet servants!

Visit the sick! You will encourage others AND meet other compassionate people.

It works! “Seek Ye First” was my FIRST devotional lesson in singles ministry 21 years ago. I met SEEKERS including servants and the compassionate. Oh! And my (now) wife of 19 years was there……