Why Paintball?

Paintball and Dinner in the Barn Nov.10—

What makes a bunch of Christians run around in the woods with airguns shooting one another, stinging and bruising their friends? Elders….grandmas and grandpas…young groups kids…..ministers….farmers…teachers…salesmen. Is this a statement for the 4th amendment? Are only rednecks welcome? Do you have to be crazy? Do you have to be shot to have a good time?

Friends will be made! It will be competitive! Teamwork will be practiced! Stress will be relieved! Prayer will be uttered! Dinner will be served and consumed! Kids will laugh at old folks who laugh with kids! Maybe we will have a singing around the bonfire!

Why? Because it is actually a pretty good (cool? bizarre?) bonding experience.

Be there! Don’t make excuses.


We REMEMBER! the Sentinel Events of Life……

     Today is September 11! We remember 11 years ago when 4 planes were highjacked! The first two planes were crashed into the World Trade Center in New York killing all on board and thousands in the twin towers. The third was crashed into a side wall of the Pentagon. The fourth crashed in an empty field in Pennsylvania thanks to heroic passengers who forced the hijackers down. Forces of evil had attacked our Nation, our Faith and our perceived safety.

     We watched in horror at Florida Hospital in Orlando. Then we gathered in the break room with staff, patients and family members and we prayed! We prayed to Jehovah GOD in Jesus’ name. Christians, a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhists and many who usually didn’t pray……Hard times require drastic measures and a BIG GOD who cares.

     We remember many turning points in life. Theses are the sentinel events…..graduations and failures, marriages and divorces, birth of children and death of loved ones. Everybody has a different set. All require prayer!

     Our history is sprinkled with these moments. Some of mine are some of yours. Others are different.

  • I was too young to understand the Selma March. My grandfather was there in Lowndes County and open for business in his little grocery store.
  • Too young to understand when President John Kennedy was shot. Noticed when Senator Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were assasinated.
  • Hurt when Governor Wallace was shot. He was our governor and we met him when in the 5th grade.
  • Celebrated when (July 20, 1969) Apollo 11 reached the moon and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their moon walk. DID YOU KNOW that both were GOD fearing men and celebrated communion during that first lunar visit? Neil Armstrong was often asked about his faith.” Look on a coin”,  he would answer. ” In GOD we trust. Yep, that sums it up.”
  • Witnessed the explosion of the Challenger and shared the grief of the Columbia explosion with staff engineers from NASA.
  • Celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall

      Remember the one sentinel event that we all can share! On the first day of the week we gather to break bread and REMEMBER the death, burial an resurrection of Jesus Christ.