Lessons for Singles from Joseph (and Tim Tebow)


Several weeks ago “news” announced that football great and sports commentator, Tim Tebow, was dumped by his girlfriend, Miss Universe- Olivia Culpo. The problem? Tim is a faithful believer in Jesus Christ. He has chosen to wait until he is married to have sex. Miss Universe didn’t like it and walked away. It is one thing to talk about what your believe and another to put it into practice. I have appreciate Tim’s choice to honor God.

Which takes us to Joseph. First of all, I see so many lessons in life in a short span of scripture in Joseph’s life. Lessons about how his dad was not a fair father. The problems with having too many baby mamas. Peer competition and jealousy going bad. Being arrogant when you are the favorite.

Three lessons are evident in Genesis 39. The first is that we all should do a good job! Regardless of the circumstances, do what you are supposed to and a little bit more. The second? An attractive single man or woman will get attention! That can be a good thing. In this case, a married woman noticed the handsome Joseph and tried to seduce him. And she had leverage. She was the boss’s wife.  You couldn’t have blamed a lonely guy for folding under pressure and giving in. She’s beautiful. She’s available. And she is holding the cards. Joseph saw the situation (and the wife) for what it was and fled from it. Temptation will always be around the corner and if you crumble it will own you. So, Joseph did the right thing. And his reward was the third lesson. Life is not fair. He did the right thing and still ended up fired and in prison. Add another lesson and call it…being faithful.

We will be tempted.  If you see trouble coming, avoid it! If it is beside you, walk away! And if you still suffer consequences, remember that God is in control and he knows you did what was right.

The end of the story? In Joseph’s case, after years of faithful living and compassionate treatment of his brothers, they still didn’t fully trust him. How heartbreaking it must have been. In Tim’s case, God will provide the right person when the time is right. Until then, I guess he will have to keep himself busy. I heard he was on some lip synch TV show coming soon.

How much influence do your Parents have in your dating choices?

Genesis 24………. Abraham was concerned that his son, Isaac would not find an acceptable (good enough, God fearing) woman to marry so he had his servant go find a good woman. When the servant located Rebekah, he provided a financial incentive to her family then asked her to go with him and be Isaac’s wife. She accepted this opportunity and became the wife of Isaac, mother of Jacob and Esau.

Here is the million dollar question…. would you allow you mom or dad to help you to choose the person you marry? Do you even appreciate their interest in those that you date? Do you see their involvement as an opportunity to use their wisdom obtained after years of experience in life to help you make a good choice or do you see this as parental interference?

Some more fodder for the cannon……individuals in arranged marriages in the U. S. (yes, it happens) have a very high success rate. We know that divorce is much too prevalent when we choose for ourselves. Statistics show divorce rates even higher when people cohabitate before marriage.

Isaac allowed Abraham to help him find a wife. Rebekah went along. Your thoughts…

What about pretty girls?

Genesis 6:2  the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.


I loved Lyndsey Waggoner the first time I saw her on TV! Believe it or not, it wasn’t on “the Bionic Woman” but on the pilot episode of the Rockford Files. I was a pubescent little boy of about 13, probably 100 pounds soaking wet. She was a much older woman but I knew a pretty face when I saw one.

Here’s the point. A boyhood “crush” on a TV star was fine as long as I was realistic and didn’t expect anything. If I had become obsessed and stalked her, it would have been inappropriate. I spend money and mailed her gifts, it would have been senseless. So, what’s the point?

When you are seeking a life partner, be realistic. You are a Christian and should be attracted to another Christian first. Ask questions like “will she go to church with me?” and “will she take the kids to Sunday School? When I met my wife I was interested in whether she would help my Christian walk. I knew I could be with a girl with a pretty face but I wanted a “heart of gold”.

In the Beginning! Starting Over in the New Year

adam and eve

In Genesis, we see the story of creation. God make the first man, Adam. Then HE (GOD) saw that Adam was alone and that was not a good thing. So, he took a rib from Adam’s side and formed a perfect mate. Not a superior or an inferior being but an equal. God also saw the sin of the couple and he had a plan. He redeemed them.

In Matthew 19, the Pharisees questioned Jesus about divorce hoping to trick him. Jesus pointed back to Adam and Eve’s relationship as the way it was meant to be. One man and one woman committed for life.

Many of you readers are single and waiting on that equal to come along. Understand that God knows you are alone and he is willing for you to have a relationship. Look around. Look in the right places. Use the resources available to you. It is ok to seek a wife or husband. We will go through some of the stories of the Bible this year and look at the right and wrong ways to interact with others. It is an exciting quest!

Check out the upcoming events. Though we don’t serve as a dating site, you cannot have too many Christian friends. And meeting someone through church is a good choice. So get out of the house and spend time with God’s family. Plan an event (something small like a brunch or larger like a retreat). Send a card and make a phone call to encourage. Take a friend to a play or a movie. Connect. Be blessed.


Can You Be Single and Happy?

Excerpts from the Article by HEATHER FRIERSON featured in http://www.Crosswalk.com .

I know you have heard all the questions.

*When will you find a husband (wife)?

*Are you dating?

* What do you want to do with your life?

* What is wrong with you? He / She is perfect for you!

*  Don’t you want to get married?

*  Are you gay?

Questions can be sympathetic or intrusive. Reality is that anyone can be too nosy or overly assumptive. Your parents want you to be happy. Your friends want you to be happy. Everybody wants you to be happy. Right?

Then social media contributes to your stress. There’s that “in a relationship” button. Pictures of joyous couples. Dating apps where you can choose the perfect man / woman in a click and make a 20 second judgment of their worth (beware, they just judged you…you need a haircut). IM and Facebook and your smart phone put millions of single (applicants) at your fingertips. Wow! Enough to overwhelm anyone.

Take a minute and relax…Deep Breath….and Remember!

*GOD has a plan for you!

*God will answer your prayers with A Better Way Of Living!

* Life does not begin with marriage (that is a MYTH)


GOD is good! All the time!



Be a Daddy!


“Tears of joy!  I was in and out of the courtroom less then 20mins. I got full custody of my son. I was ask if she will pay child support and I told them no, cuz I don’t need child support or help from the state. I got something called a job and being responsible. I’ m a single father doing what I’m supposed to do; provide and to teach my boys how to become a man”

Willie Lawson, Atlantic City, NJ

I Salute you, Mr. Lawson. In a society where most men run and hide, you chose to step up and do what is right.

Men, listen to me! It is a difficult time. Many of you are divorced because times have changed. Women work and have their own successes. Many are not as patient as their mothers and grandmothers were. Job security is a thing of the past. Family definition has changed and succeeding as a family is hard. You may ask, “What can I do?”

Here is what you do:

  • Be a Daddy
  • Pay your child support
  • Be available for visitation
  • Don’t criticize their momma
  • Go to ***extra ball games, band events, spelling bees*** even if you can’t hang out. Let them see you!
  • Love those children!

God is good! All the time! He knows you are not perfect. He can take up the slack. Actually already has. Sent Jesus. Peace….