Losing friends after a divorce!

Interesting thing about humans. We like to hang out in couples. From double dating to dessert after Sunday night service, we hang out in couples. But, if our marriage goes bad…..what happens? In most cases, we lose alot of our friends.
Couples don’t hang out much with singles. Many can’t take sides or choose in the relationship, so they actually bail on both. Divorce stresses all involve and we don’t know what to say. So, we don’t say anything. Priorities change. The single custodial parent has more responsibilities and less time. The single may be seen as a threat. So, what to do? As the single, I will remind you to reach out to others. As a married, look for those who need a little “support” and take the opportunity to mentor children from a single family home. Opportunity occurs in the strangest of places. Especially in the church. Acts 2:42f ….when the Christians took care of one another…..


Losing your mate through Death or Divorce

Hard topics are always difficult!! The two most stressful events that happen in life are either death of a spouse or divorce. Divorce is sometimes more difficult because the loved one has left of his/her own will and rejected you. Death is final but devastating in other ways. One thing that is consistent is that the one “left behind” (not the movie) is hurting and needs our love and support. But, what can we do?
Be present. Give support by standing by. Listen. Help with the shopping. Drive to the movies. Cook. Whatever it takes to be a friend.
What is the right thing to say? I care. I am sorry for your loss. Don’t worry too much about talking. The right words aren’t adequate. If they exist at all.
How long does it take to stop grieving? Individual in nature and some people never stop grieving. But, good friends are appreciated!

Cold, Water, Warm Hearts and Living Wills!

We went, we saw and we conquered….sort of. Rainbow river was cold and a cloudy, breezy ay didn’t help. But we did it anyway! I am so grateful for my Christian friends that I have met though the LAUNCH ministry. Each is so special to me (us!).
We are truly a large loving, unusual assembly and I know it pleases GOD to see us together.
National decision day. Please fill out or update you LIVING WILL. You need your wishes to be known in case of inability to choose.

GOD is good….all the time!

Every church STILL needs to minister to singles!!!

I feel like an old fool beating a dead horse. I really do. Believe it or not we have LESS singles ministries in the brotherhood now than ten years ago. But more people are SINGLE!! 51% of the popultion is unmarried. Most of the new mothers I know are unmarried and alot of the dad’s have split. Divorce is higher in churches than among atheists. Social ills have increased and our children are endangered every day. Many do not feel church is a relevent place to be and many churches are proving them right!
If you want your church to grow…reach out to single mothers, couples who are struggling to make a commitment to stay together, the lonely who are recently widowed, divorced or just not able to connect. Be a home for the heart! Jesus didn’t pass by the woman at the well, the lonely,penitent Zaccheas or the grieving….. and we can’t either!!

Tubing: Sat. at Rainbow River
April 18: SALT Singles at the San Jose church in Jax.

Connecting Pt. 2

I have seen alot of you this week on facebook!! Why is that news?? Because I just signed, as did some of you! You are a friendly, good looking crowd! I proud to be part of your Christian family!!
We will see many of you next Saturday at Rainbow River; tubing, snorkeling, picniking, etc. A truly beautiful place. Join us!
your contact is jrobbins262000@yahoo.com.

Also, looking forward to the Singles day at San Jose Church in Jacksonville, April 18!
http://www.sjcc.us for info and to register!!!

My # is (850) 449-2145 if you need to reach me.

And, by the way, you have a beautiful smile!