If single, don’t act like you are married….If married, don’t act like you are single!

     I love FACEBOOK but dislike the “in a relationship” status. Everyone from pre-adolescents to seniors feel the need to “upgrade” out of the singles position. Yet, I know many are missing the joy of singleness out of fear of being alone. I certainly did (for years!). All Christians are already in a relationship with Jesus Christ, aren’t we? After that, can’t we enjoy our marital status! I loved my singleness after I learned to like my singleness. It was a time to go back to college, start a ministry, volunteer at camp, go to the beach alone, see the world….. It was easier to visit the sick and help the needy!

     Read 1 Corinthians 7. A couple of times maybe! There are advantages of both marriage and singlesness. And, when you change status, you gain and lose freedoms and opportunity. But, GOD loves you the same regardless.


Do you Want Something for Nothing?

     This question was stenciled on the back wall of a Los Angeles Used Tire Store in 1995. It continued, ” GOD gave you life! Let’s use that gift to help those that were born, but are not alive.”

     Do you wonder what the purpose is in a life? Maybe someone is “wasting their potential” (been there, done that). Maybe a toxic love affair with a chemical (cigarettes, alcohol and drugs) or with a person. Are you beat down by life or beat up by others?

      GOD gave you a life to please HIM with! Get out and meet someone! Make a difference. Stand in the gap. Visit an elderly person who is lonely. Mentor a teen. Beautify the park! And, in serving, you will probably find others to share your burden with….

      I SALUTE our Gateway teens who built a serenity garden at the Enon Country Manor after a visit to a Mennonite Family Farm and catching catfish to share for lunch! You are the best!!!!

Communication Breakdown!

     Why can’t we communicate better? I mean, he or she is just another human being, right? I can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime about anything but can only have a two minute conversation with my daughter on her 21st birthday……I can talk to University Presidents, doctors and lawyers, those famous and not. I can charm a snake, if necessary. So, why can’t I charm the one I love.

     I think that first and foremost, I am not a good listener…I listen with the expectation of what I want to hear. And, when I don’t hear it…I tune out. And, believe me, I have practiced tuning out…..

    To listen, one must shut the mouth and open the ears. It takes alot of practice. I know my worries are so much more important than what another person may be saying (lol here!) and this hinders my ability to listen.

      After you hear something, clarify what you have just heard. Make sure you have the facts straight. Then answer kindly and compassionately….

      Anyone out there who struggles with communication? Speak now and I promise to listen!!!

” I Dream of Jeannie” love

Relationships are complicated. We enjoy our friends and family when they are pleasant and co-operative. But, often, they choose to do things their way or don’t enjoy our hobbies or endeavors. Then what? It would be easier if we could put them back in a bottle, like Major Nelson did Jeannie in the TV show (the only problem he had was theat she wouldn’t stay there). Conenient relationships…the modern term is friends with benefits. Friends who do a service or task for us and then go away. Sounds good til you examine it!

What did GOD say about relationships?

  • Proverbs 17:17- a friend loves at all times…..
  • Song of Solomon 5:2- I slept but my heart is awake!
  • Romans 12:18- Live peaceably with all….
  • Ephesians 5:25- Love your wives, as Christ loved the church!

You can’t put others in a bottle and you won’t go if they try to put you there. GOD gave us a variety of colors, personalities, shapes and sizes to enjoy!