Do you like me enough to just hold hands?

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth” Matt. 5:5

     I remember “Robert” and “Martha”. They were an elderly couple that I took care of in the hospital several years ago. Robert was very sick and Martha was at bedside, holding his hand. She had been holding her Prince’s hand for 65 years…every day (literally). They met during the depression, hungry kids on neighboring farms. They married with no possessions except a card table and a mat to sleep on. They held hands. They were unable to have children…so they held hands. They held hands at the grocery store, at the movies, at the frosty cone! They held hands at church and before and after they went to work each day. And, now, as death approached, they held hands.

      I asked her if she needed a break. Maybe a chance to freshen up…shower…change clothes….

      She declined, of course. Who would hold his his hand? And what if he went to heaven without me there to send him off with love?

      Recently, I read a BLOG. It asked if it is ok to kiss on the first date? Better question would be….are you happy just holding hands?


How about a blind date?

     Would you go on a blind date? Would you let someone set you up? I would love to hear stories of your best and worst blind dates! I’ll share a bit of blind date lore (mine and friends)

     Did you know that Abraham sent his servant to the l land of his family to find a “suitable” wife for his son Issac? He wanted his son to marry a woman who know GOD! A good start!

     Here’s my good, bad and awkward snipets

  • Friend offered to set me up as a “date” with a visiting swimsuit model. I thought it would be lame so I didn’t go…and I didn’t meet Kathy Ireland!
  • Took my buddy’s little sister to a high school dance. Her dad had a shotgun (which he was cleaning) when I picked her up. We behaved!
  • My buddy met a girl through the personal ads. Tall, pretty blonde, professional….didn’t tell him she was 7 months pregnant.
  • Buddy talks alot. A friend set him up with his daughter, who talked so much he couldn’t get a word in…..
  • Buddy went on a date with his friend’s sister. They married the next year and are 25 years and six kids into a great marriage!


Your turn! Keep it nice and funny!!!!!

” Celebrating Yet? “

Galatians 3:26- ” you are all sons of god through faith in Christ Jesus. For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ…”

     The theme of the upcoming (Feb. 18-20) Singles Conference in Orlando will be “Celebrating Singleness”. What a concept….and a question. Are you celebrating your standing in the family of God? Do you act like an heir to the kingdom? A prince or a princess? Is everyday a new opportunity? Do you use your untethered moments to glorify God?

      Unfortunately, many singles don’t enjoy their time with Jesus. They are lonely for that human touch. They feel left out. Many in society make you out to be “not complete” if not married (or at least “shacking up”). Where are the grandchildren? Why aren’t you married? Are you picky? Do you even like boys/girls?

       Use your single time. Visit the sick and lonely. Travel. Do a mission trip. Go back to school. Learn to pray and meditate. Seek God first and then….all the things you want will be yours- Matt. 6:33!

Celebrate! Celebrate! dance to the music……….

“The Parable of the Possum”

     When confronted with life’s challenges, it is best not to act like a (o)possum…..

      Don’t roll over and play dead…God didn’t make losers or quitters and solutions don’t come from avoidance.

     Beware the traffic….don’t be so busy and distracted that you are run over…….

     Don’t stand on your head…well….because you aren’t good at it!

     Don’t be a rat…you are bigger than that!

     Thanks to Ron for the story about finding a possumm in the garbage can. He tried to rescue it but it hissed at him and tried to bite. So, he pondered the situation and remembered that possums are expert climbers. He placed a tree branch in the can. The next morning the possum was gone.

     God gave us all a brain to use. Think, ponder, meditate and pray. God has solutions…………..

” A cloud of Witnesses”

     It was truly wonderful to see each and every one of you at Spiritual Growth Workshop! What a Christian Family. Missed many old friends…you should have been here. It is very refreshing to see the committed focus on outreach and relationship with Jesus. Of course, this is the key to relevance as a church. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick….worship and honor God all your heart, mind and BODY! Good reminders to stop offering lip service and offering ourselves as a living sacrifice!

     The Singles classes were excellent! Thanks to Anthony, Lonnie, and Randy!

     The committee is being formed and preparations begin for the 2011 LAUNCH Singles Weekend in Orlando! Get involved!

     Tell us what you, the Christian single needs.