Lord! I’m Hungry!

“LORD, I’m hungry!”

       No, not the irreverent use of the term but the realistic term. Seems about 5,ooo men (plus many women and children) had been out to hear Jesus speak. Now, we are not talking about a 20 minute sermon or about the 10 o’clock service where we can finish fast and beat the baptists to the buffet……..we are talking hours and hours out in the country. People were hungry! One or two may have said the title phase…LORD, I’m hungry! Jesus was compassionate and instructed his disciples to feed them. Phillip immediately dismissed this request as being too expensive (impossible) and Andrew offered a small solution based on faith (5 loaves and 2 small fish). Faith conquered hunger! Amazing!

      People come to us every day! Lord, I’m hungry (my marriage is failing), Lord, i’m hungry (my heart is broken), Lord, I’m hungry (my health is gone), Lord, I’m hungry! (my faith is weak)……

     Lord, I’m hungry….and the Lord said, “Make the people sit down.” And once sitting still, they say the power of God!

     Are there lessons here? Yes, faith over substance….solution over complaint…Doing something is better than doing nothing…and …relax, GOD is in control!


“Run, Run, Run!”

     Matt. 6:21- “For what you value and treasure the most, that is where your heart will be” Matt. 6:21

     Matt. 6:24- “No man can serve two masters….”

     Isaiah 40:30- ” Even youths grow tired and weary…”

     Early every morning, I start with the paperwork. Then I get in the car and drive across beautiful Perdido Bay (I see -almost-paradise every morning) to go to work. Most mornings I pass by a running woman who seems to have more time than I do. I pass the newspaper vendors on the corners who aren’t in a hurry. Then off I go! I visit the infirmed as a Home Care Nurse (and I love it!- just not the paperwork). I deal with wound care and schizophrenia, depression and hypertension, bipolar disorder and altzheimer’s….More importantly, I share their lives…the pilot who can’t remember where he lives…the grandpa who shoots squirrels from his bedroom window…the marine who can’t get a job….the widow who is glad someone visits…..

      Got in last night after eight. Hugged the kids and sent them to bed and did more paperwork while watching baseball and L&O. My house payment is due and it owns me. So, I keep plugging…

     Run, Run, Run. Lord, I’m looking forward to that rest that you promise………………..

“The Show must Go On!”

      Do you remember the parable of the Prodical Son? Guy takes his inheritance early, spends it partying and finds himself destitute and penniless. With no where to turn, he drags his tired self home to Daddy. And what was the result?

      Let’s take a break here……….If it had been my Dad, he would have said 1) I told you so! 2) A fence post is probably smarter than you and 3) Get off my porch! You are stinking up my world!

     Most of us don’t have a “daddy” like the one in Luke 15: 22-23. When this son came humbly and miserably home, he responded with pleasure! “Quick! Get him  the best robe, a ring and some nice shoes. Let’s have a feast and celebrate! My boy is home and it’s a great day!” paraphrased by me!

     So, we went to the circus today! Lions to the left, jokers to the right and we were stuck in the middle………(l0l) . The circus is about life. These folks get up everyday to work to amuse and entertain you…and get paid enought to make it! Like me and probably like you! It happens everyday worldwide. The details change but the challenge is the same! In Ghana, a person  lives on $1.25 a day and needs a little more to make it! In Europe, food and money is available but spiritual needs are not a priority. In America, our “stuff” overwhelms us. We never have enough. All cause stress, grief and pain. Satan knows where to hit us! How to keep our mind off “Daddy”.

      The Show Must Go On everyday! Clowns clown, jugglers juggle, elephant trainer lead and scoop, the Ringleader leads, cashiers cash (collect)…….

       When they have had enough of the circus, my kids know where to find their “daddy” (the one with the car keys). And they know i’ll take them to the house. When you have enough of the circus called life……….your ‘DADDY” has the keys to take you home…and a warm robe, nice slippers and a ring that only a son can wear!