Dealing with Loss and Change!

Well, the news this week is the death of Michael Jackson (and to a lesser amount, Farrah, Ed and bombings in the Middle East). So, let’s talk about it? Who do you miss! Who affects you the most? How do you cope with loss and change?

By the way, have you filled out your living will??? The first 3 of you to request a 5 wishes living will …..will receive a very nice gift

check out the coming events!!!! The WDW Conference info will be posted soon as well as info for Deltona and Gatlinburg.

Great things are happening in the Kingdom!!! GOD is great!


Stepping up to the plate as singles in the church

As singles, I know that it is difficult to lead your church family in making good decisions. So, let’s talk about ways to make those around you more aware of the needs of singles. Please share your thoughts!!!

1) let the church family know who you are and what you need. Attend often and get involved in a “share” or “care” small group. Alot of support is available but people have to know you. Involve yourself in a childcare “sharing” group,  make an extra serving and share with an elderly neighbor or another single parent

2) Know your church elders and ministers well and offer to help meet the church needs. Also, let them know your needs before you are overwhelmed.

3) Fellowship!!! Eat, play, share and work with your fellow Christian singles. You need friends! Good ones!!

4) What say you?

Challenge to Fathers

We have a weak nation,  because of weak churches,

because of weak families, because of weak fathers……..

                                                                                           ” Pistol” Pete Maravich

Father’s day is coming! A day to (possibly) receive a bad tie or cheap cologne. A day to be the #1 DAD and wear the T-shirt. So dads, I challenge you to speak out and share what we (men) can do to change the profound truth in the Pistol’s statement. My contibution:

  • Be a patriot- Serve your country by serving your community and be a great example to others who may not have a dad.
  • Be a Saint- Strengthen the church by leading, implementing and serving. Don’t wait for permission to do the right thing.
  • Be a Patriarch- Lead your family. Provide, nurture and encourage.
  • Be a Papa- Teach, empower, and mature your children through a balance of tender love and discipline. Raise respectful, reverent, hard working children.

So, what does this mean to the single father or the never been a father. If you are a father, pay your support dutifully and cherish your visitation. Don’t talk bad about the mother (if she’s bad, they know). Take them to church and Bible School. Teach them to pray.

Mentor kids who don’t have a dad. Volunteer in the community or church. Spend time with the kids. Substitute teach at Sunday school and tell them why GOD lead you to your profession. Pray for kids and other fathers who struggle.

I hven’t forgotten the widower fathers. As you glorify GOD, remind them why you loved their mother. And be a tender “mom” as best you can.

Your turn! Talk to us! What did your dad do right and what can we do better???




Here’s YOUR CHANCE: Speak out!

Bobby Ross, Jr., Editor of the Christian Chronicle has asked for imput into how to minister to singles. You know I have alot to say! But, what about you??? Let’s tell him what the Church of Christ singles want, need and feel. And, how we can more effectively reach into the community. Talk to me!

Trivia Contest #2- A boy needs a dad!

The first 3 of you who finished this statement “A boy needs a dad…….” will receive a copy of the excellent table book “Why a Son Needs a Dad”.

My example is “a boy needs a dad to show him God’s love”

The HARD trivia question……who said….
We have a weak nation,
because of weak churches,
because of weak families,
because of weak fathers!