LAUNCH Ministries

LAUNCH (Let’s All Unite iN Christ’ Honor) is a ministry by the people, for the people. Jim Miller Is a Therapist and RN who assists both singles and marrieds in their walk with GOD. Jim has spoken and planned seminars, conferences and retreats in eleven states.



5  52% of the pop. is single The numbers are going up!
46% head of households are single
26% have never married
90% quit church after a divorce
50% quit church when leave home
for college
Most church leaders want to “grow” yet many ignore the SINGLE largest potential group. Yes, SINGLES and their children (not to mention, work can be done to minister to couples and strengthen marriages!!!!)
So, make a difference! This is your ministry! Use it!


7 responses to “LAUNCH Ministries

  1. Jim how wonderful it is to see his blog as a means of communicating. You will see that I have been blogging a lot tonight. I attending the LAUNCH in Jacksonville, Florida this past time and truly had a wonderful time.

    As you see I left on fire to start a single/single again ministry at my Church; which is Mandarin Church of Christ. I am in hopes to be sharing a lot of wonderful ideas with you and getting with our host LAUNCH church San Jose and other surrounding congregations on doing some area wide events.

    Please keep me in your prayers and the Church as a whole as we try to develop a strong ministry.


  2. The work you are doing is awesome Jim and I would love to see a single’s ministry started at the church I am attending.

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