Domestic Violence….just not right…

     We are going to visit a sister at the hospital who was battered badly by her “fiancee”. This statement doesn’t begin to tell the horror or tragedy of a violent relationship. It is never in our plan to be involved with someone who is violent, nor is it our plan to ever strike out at another. It certainly isn’t God’s plan where a man should love a woman like he loves his own body.

     What do we do about Domestic Violence? If angry, may I suggest God’s words to Cane! Flee from sin! Don’t get yourself so out of control that you might hurt someone. If you are attacked, the same words work! Flee! Be safe!

      What about the well meaning outsiders that say a Christian has to be faithful to a mate in a dangerous situation? My thought would be to offer to trade places and let them live with this tragedy. Be safe!

      As I prepare to teach Domestic Violence to Health Care Professionals (+ HIV update and Medical Errors), I am praying that we can make a difference in our communities. Pray for me also!

     Am also starting a series of inservices on Marriage Enrichment for Health Care Professionals……


Cloud of witnesses…run to the finish!

      What a great time to talk about some of my favorite people (YOU!). The cloud of witnesses in my life! And, to run to the finish.

     With the (Winter ) Olympics in action, many parallels to the Christian “race” are evident. For example, if you fall, get up and finish. Don’t quit…someone else may allow you your opportunity by their action (yes, Apollo, you are blessed!). Preparation and proper planning are important. 

     Each of you is a valuable “witness” to my life. I am grateful to each as we persevere to finish the glorious race. Please feel free to share about witnesses who strengthen your walk of faith.

Love Dare for friends, Day 16-20

Day 16- FORGIVE A LITTLE-      “he who covers an offense promotes love, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends” proverbs 17:9

Nobody is perfect! Not even me! (lol). So, when things aren’t just right, we have two choices. Dwell on the imperfections and mistakes -or- forgive and bury the hatchett (not in their head!) Let it go! A little patience and forgiveness goes a long way!