Tell me about parenting. I know that single moms often raise children with less money, less time available and less personal life.

     In Florida, only 35% of fathers pay their entire child support each month. Many pay nothing. However, some fathers have never missed a payment and are treated like dirt by the ex (I fit here).

     It’s hard on the kids. Higher rates of depression, delinquency, drug and alcohol use, teenage pregnancy, drop out of school, etc.

     If a child is sick, the single parent often misses work. I’ve seen mothers who appear to be sleepwalking because they don’t….sleep because of the responsibility of work and childcare. It doesn’t get better when the kids become teens. Often, unsupervised teens get into TROUBLE and guess who loses more sleep, time, money.

      GOD bless each of you as you continue as best you can. And, double blessings on the single moms and dads who succeed in parenting awesome children.

     Tell me your stories…………………..



Are you angry about celibacy???

I am a product of the seventies. “Broadway”Joe Namath, the bachelor quarterback, thanked the gi     I rls of NY for never being alone. We watched Charlie’s Angels (Farrah), Rockford (for the action) . Mini skirts, spin the bottle, Love Boat, Betty and Veronica, Ginger and Mary Ann (the girls had Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy) and James Bond. Later, disco and dirty dancing. It was the sexual revolution. Women’s lib said, “men are only good for sex, women can work and pay their own bills”. Men cheered!!!

Then I started going to church. Yes, in the 70’s, “I found It” I graduated high school in ’78. I learned that a Christian had a list to keep. Don’t drink, Don’t smoke (the worst sin because you were destroying the temple) and don’t have sex. “So, how far could you go before you are sinning?” I liked church and had good friends, read my bible, told others they were going to hell because they didn’t believe what I did…..

My Dad threw me out of the house at 16. Didn’t need me to tell him where he was going, I guess….I finished school, joined the Army, and straddled the fence. See, I had failed to keep a perfect list. Quit church and got involved…over and over and over….then at 32: divorced and hurting (with a hurricane to rebound from also) I went back to church and discovered repentance and forgiveness. Not a list!

I was alone (emphasis on alone) for 5 years. It was the best years of my life. I traveled. Went back to school. Came and went as I pleased. But, I did miss the intimacy of sex…..And yes, I was a bit angry about the urges and temptations that I was having to learn to live with. What about you??? Yes, many of you are more independent (my brother just went to Finland with friends-couldn’t have done that married). But what about celibacy?

Why a Singles Blog

Just in case you are wondering….I think someone needs to provide a place for widows and widowers (young and old) to express their feelings. The divorced have a voice. Single parents (never married or divorced) can speak up. And the no kids or spouse (NOKOS) too! This is your blog. We will discuss celebacy, retreats, anger (don’t be mad at me), loneliness…..Also, the joy of being single, having freedom (NOKOS), etc. This is your blog!!!

Just like www.launchsingles is your ministry!

So, take it out for a ride. Use it! Abuse it! But, never forget it!

JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!!!! And, he was single!