Take Care of One Another!

….Great to see many friends in P. C. yesterday! We had a mix of ages and life circumstances. It was good!

…..Titus tells us the behavior expected from different age groups and life circumstances (read Titus 2 & 3). It’s about mentoring and supporting one another! Being and making disciples! Being a Barnabas and encouraging! Being an Esther and acting when adversity strikes! Being like Timothy’s grandmother and mother and teaching! Taking care of your friends and Christian Family….probably why GOD gave them to us!


the Single need for Prayer and Fasting….

      the Ladies at Cache’ Connections, a Christian dating service, suggest that singles should be more spiritual as they search for a mate. It seems that at the time that many should be bonded with God, many are not even attending church. Prayer…sporadic. Fasting…please! Are you kidding me?

      I think they are one to something…Remember Matt. 6:33, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God…and THEN all these things….

     What are your thoughts? Would you pray and fast every Monday this month? Talk to me.