It’s all about relationship! Acts 2:44 ” the believers treated one another like family, meeting daily and sharing with one another”

     This is what LAUNCH is all about! Relationship! Relationship with one another! Relationship and outreach to new friends! And, most importantly, increased relationship with Jesus Christ!

     So, here’s the details to Orlando:

2011 LAUNCH Singles Weekend details to the right of you>>>

At the Enclave Suites (407) 351-1155. Suites now at $79 and up.

Send $40 to West Orange Church of Christ, 1450 Daniels Road, Winter Garden, FL 34789 (keep this address…the friday devo will be here, all other events in Orlando at Enclave except….) for the Saturday evening event! (This event is included in your registration and is worth $41). Get your pirate on!

Keynote Speaker is Will Smith. Will is the minister at the South 14th Street Church of Christ in Leesburg and is a single man.


Get a life before you get a date!

     I see alot of people in relationships. I see people spending money on “dating” when they can’t pay rent. I see lonely, broken people searching for meaning through another boyfriend or girlfriend. Leaving marriages for a date (and taking their children with them. Everyone seems to want to be in “love” (even if it isn’t practical or affordable).

     Matthew 6:33 says “seek first the kingdom of GOD and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you!”. Want a date? Date Jesus…please Jesus….serve Jesus….practice on Jesus…Trust Jesus….

     Then, when you meet another child of GOD who is trying to serve Jesus, you have a foundation for love, family, and life. Because Jesus will be more patient, kind and understanding than any person. And, as you become more like Jesus, you will too!

  • Get a job or career!
  • Volunteer and help others
  • Finish your education
  • Raise your children
  • Travel to somewhere you always wanted to go
  • Pay off your bills
  • Pray daily, study your Bible and fast.

Get a life before you get a date!

21 days of Prayer!

     It takes 21 days to form a habit! So, here’s the plan. Starting today (your today, not mine) you have and opportunity to refocus your prayer and study life.

     I have a few suggestions:

  1. Read the Bible for 30 minutes each morning (get up early). If you have it on CD play it to go over it again! Make notes!
  2. Prayer each morning whwn you start and when you call it a day. Be specific. Meditate on a verse.
  3. Fast. A modified fast can be done if you are working. Substitute V-8 or a veggie for a meal. Or, skip a meal and give the money saved to charity.
  4. Spend time with GOD. Have a relationship.
  5. Worship with your mind, body and spirit. GOD doesn’t want our tired, uninspired assemblies. He wants our hearts (read Isaiah Chapter 1.


Get excited about what Jesus has done for you!

In with the NEW!

     Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed the Binary day of  010111 or 1/1/11! Whether a day of football or feasting on blackeyed peas and cornbread ( I missed mine!) or a day of work (yes, that was me!), it is great to start anew!

      What can we do with our new year? I’ll share a few ideas and hope you’ll do the same!

      If you haven’t  accepted the Lord and obeyed the Gospel including repentance and baptism, do it!  Every conversion story in the New Testament included baptism as part of the salvation process. It symbolizes new life and washing of sins.

      If you are a believer but have been a bit stagnant, it is time to RENEW! Read Isaiah Chapter 1. God doesn’t want our tired, heartless rituals. He wants our bodies, minds and hearts! Though we are unworthy, He will send us to spread His message (Isaiah 6)

      Commit to read the Bible everyday. I am reading online (Bible Gateway-the Message) each day and committed to listen to NIV- the Bible Experience- as I drive each day. Also, plan to get up early so I can pray before I leave the house.

     Commit to your health- God created the temple! Do not abuse it with your addictions! Resources are available to help you cut back or stop smoking, to support you emotionally as you battle alcohol or drug addiction, to lose weight if necessary for your health (I feel that gluttony is just as much a sin as smoking and drinking) and to battle emotional concerns/ mental illness.

      Commit in service to your church and your community. We are committed to serving our singles (and our marriages) through your local church. Invite us to come work with you. We are examining ways to better support our neighbors. Also, examining where God wants us to be physically….

     Road trip! Bring a friend to the Gulf Coast Getaway ( ) Jan. 15-16. Help us serve refreshments to college students during the X- games Jan. 16!

      Road Trip! Info is on this site for the 11th Annual Central Florida LAUNCH SINGLES WEEKEND in Orlando! We are committed to Singles in the church!!!! Feb. 18-20

      Happy New Year! The harvest is ripe! The workers are few! join us!