Finish What You Started!

      Florence Nightingale was a heroic and intelligent young lady who came to be known as the “first modern nurse”. She changed healthcare through wartime attention to cleanliness and hygiene and her recommendations were followed worldwide. How many times have you heard that “handwashing is the greatest defense against the spread of germs”?. Unfortunately, Florence diagnosed herself as dying and crawled in the bed and waited…to die. For about 40 years! A great mind put to rest prematurely!

     Terah, Abraham’s father packed up the family (including Abram and Sarai) and headed toward the promised land. His son, Heran died and eventually the group settled at a village of the same name. The journey ceased and Terah died there (Genesis 10). God called Abraham to go and he did (Genesis 11). Did Terah give up? Get sick? Miss his dead son so much that he couldn’t continue? We really don’t know, do we?

      Many of us are off to wonderful starts with our Christian walk! I appreciate each of you and enjoy spending time at each retreat or conference. The single, Christian life is special and God is so faithful! He uses each of you to encourage and humble me.

     LAUNCH 2011 was a great way to start the new year! Now we must take Jesus to our community through one on one relationships, small groups and corporate church. May you be blessed as the banner of Jesus Christ goes before you this year!!