The Genuine Church- Questions?

     Acts 2: 42-47 A true church does these things…..LAUNCH tries to provide a place to belong and take care of one another!

     If church attendance is dropping, why are the buildings (and mortgages) getting larger?

     Can we make dressing up for church a hindrance? Can we be too casual?

     How far can the church adapt to culture before it loses itself?

     And, how irrelevant can the church be if it doesn’t adapt?

15% of our church attendees are singles and 50.5% of the population is single. How does the church change to reach the lost?

God bless each and everyone of you!



Making Hard Decisions!

    Ah! A day of opportunity! A 2 hour continuing ed. class to complete. A (factfinding) interview for a job I think might be good for me and my family! The last day of ceremonies to honor veterans for their service to us. 5 days til the (early) registration ends and then the late registration process begins. Then………..i think I will take the dog to the beach. …..And the kids and I will watch a kids movie tonight! Mom is working (and is also looking for a better job).

     Every day we face decisions. Prayer is needed to clarify our motives and align our intentions with God’s plan. All the choices are good ones. No evil temptations are visible at this point. If they come to the surface, I am blessed to be where I am in life.

     Prayer is also needed for our sick, for couples struggling with their marriages, and for singles!

     The LAUNCH Singles weekend is approching fast! We are trying to make a difference and help. What can we do better for you?

Dealing with difficult people!

    Do any of you have to deal with difficult people? I mean, those that that annoy the daylights out of you! The ones who don’t work or regift your present or criticize all the time…the whiny ones or the arrogant ones… or the wishy- washy. How do we DEAL with them?

     Of course, we have to love them. But, do we have to like them? Sit near them? Feed them? Pray for them?

     Tell me about a difficult person and how you dealt with it!

(and read the singles weekend info below)

Singles Weekend Schedule

Friday Jan. 29ICE CREAM SOCIAL and DEVO at the Concord Street Church of Christ, Orlando from 6-9 pm.


 1st Christian Church, Kissimmee  hosts     ASCENSION DAY in CONCERT @ 7:30

Saturday  Jan. 30- LAUNCH CONFERENCE TIME from 8am through lunch!Singing with Mike Gurganus & Reggie Minor, Welcome by Jim Miller and keynote by DR. ANTHONY FISCHETTO, “TRANSFORMED: INTIMACY WITH GOD”     


BREAKOUTS and Freetime with Greg Fite “is it ok to be happy again?” (dealing with loss),  Bekki McKinney and Kay Watson  (women’s group) , Ken Jones and Anthony Fischetto (men’s group), Mike and Kate Gurganus (cyber dating???), Donny Dillon (college and young professionals)


Sunday Jan. 31- Worship service at the resort (conducted by the Singles Ministry at 8:30 am —then—to Disney for the Day




     The LAUNCH Singles Weekend is a time of friends, faith and fun for Christian Singles of all ages! It will be held at the Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World January 29-31!!!

     Registration fee is $50 which includes a very nice plated lunch at the resort! The deadline to register is Nov. 25. There will be late registration but will not include the luncheon. Mail your check to Jim Miller, 11390 CR 99, Lillian, AL 36549. Make it out to the Gateway Church of Christ.

     We have reduced rate rooms at DISNEY! The Coronado Springs Resort rooms are $99. The All-Star resort rooms are $59. Up to 4 per room. To book call (407) 939-1020 and use this code: go550472. You can add days before or after the event for this price!

      Group rates will be available for park tickets. I will update as soon as I have it. You may do volunteer work through for a free day at the park. This is a national non-profit. Contact them directly.

     If you have questions:  (850) 449-2145  Jim Miller or (850) 791-2241 Rachel Miller. E-mail jim: