Ollie gets along great with the dog! Rituals and compromise!

Ollie and his girlfriend Sasha are having a rocky time these days. But Ollie gets along great with the dog!

He comes home from work and fluffy is there to meet him. He pets her and praises her. Then he gives her a treat and takes her for a walk. Great! Except that his walk of the dog makes him fifteen minutes late to pick up Sasha….for their date…with the Johnson’s. When he arrives (late) she is frowning. Not only is he late but his hands were empty. Sasha asked, ” Did you pick up something at the store for dessert. We are supposed to bring dessert!” “Sorry, I forgot”, he answers. “You didn’t forget to buy dog biscuits for fluffy I bet!”, she counters.

Does Ollie like his dog better than Sasha? Maybe. Or, is Sasha too “high maintanence”? Probably not.

Ollie and Fluffy have a ritual. They know what to expect. Ollie and Sasha are making it up as they go along. More unpredictable. Less secure. So, what to do?

As a couple becomes closer, the communication level should increase. Sasha could call Ollie and remind him of dessert. Maybe they could walk Fluffy together or it would give her a few extra minutes to get ready. Maybe the Johnson’s are flexible and don’t mind if you are few minutes late or you both could prepare to leave earlier.

Relationships ( friends, dating, marriage, parenting) are demand commitment AND compromise. Flexibility AND patience.

If you want to share your life, you will be disappointed at times. You also can be very blessed at others.