A whole lot of leaving going on………………

You know all the cliches:

* the grass is always greener on the other side

* once bitten, twice shy

* fool me once….

* if the milk is free, you don’t have to buy the cow…..

* there are alot of fish in the ocean

* time heals all

     Reality is that we all have been in situations and circumstances where we could apply all the above and many more. The sad reality is that there are too many affairs, too many divorces, too much heartache….too much pain…too much sin…too many broken hearted children…..

     Soloman said that “there is nothing new under the sun” TRUE! He should have known. He had 700 (probably lonely and disappointed) wives and 300 hundred concubines. He knew as the son of Bathsheeba, the wife that his father obtained through an adulterous and murderous liason. He knew as the grass on the other side was his pursuit and he did buy the cow. He knew.

     We live in a time when, it seems, everyone has a soulmate but it isn’t their spouse. Couples live together for years but never marry. Children have multiple houses to visit but few real parents. Beautiful and talented woman are left behind for a fling of minutes. Good men are abandoned because they work too hard and aren’t “sensitive” enough. People need their independence yet frequently are in another relationship within weeks. People fear marriage as a risk of both financial and emotional liability. Sex is free, yet will cost you 150 thousand in child support. Independence means you don’t attend many of your children recitals, ball games and even birthdays.

     People are left behind for another man or woman or the same or different sex, for a taller or shorter, younger or older model. etc., etc…..No pattern or logic involved.


     Well, I have some ideas to consider…..

* relationships are very difficult! Couples need friends who support the relationship. Couples need relatives who are involved. Couples need Jesus in there lives. Commitment. Security. Encouragement. Affection. Sex.

* we need to empahsis how many couples are doing well

* we can celebrate the uniqueness of the relationship

     Tell me you thoughts!!!!