All things NEW!


Christmas is over! 2017 will be over in SIX days! Congrats to those who finished their READ THROUGH THE BIBLE!

2018 Brings NEW OPPORTUNITY! What will you do? Here are a few of my ideas!!

  • LAUNCH CHRISTIAN SINGLES WEEKEND is in Tallahassee February 16- 18 at The Meridian Woods Congregation. We will see many of you there!
  • NOW…PRAY as we have meetings and ARRANGE further LAUNCH events in ILLINOIS and OREGON! Would also love to add other events!
  • How about the hopes for SINGLE ADULTS events in Pensacola?
  • Jessica Miller would like to sing the National Anthem in 50 STATES this year! We will need your assistance!
  • Prayers to be a better Husband, Father, Friend………………..
  • Prayers to lead others to Jesus.
  • Remember! today is a great day for * Bible Study * Prayer * Change of Heart * Baptism * Feeding the Hungry * Visiting the Sick…. a great day to start something.




The Holidays (always hated Christmas when I was single)

I remember Christmas many years ago. I had front desk duty at Ireland Army Medical Center and had to sit for 24 hours…on Christmas…and monitor the (minimal) traffic through the (automatic) sliding doors. Thankfully, minimal traffic. Because it was COLD! ZERO degrees. My girlfriend had cut me loose the week before. Heartbreaking!!! On the way home from her place my car broke down and I was stranded. I had to call HER to get a ride back to where she lived, buy a plane ticket that I couldn’t afford and go back to where I was stationed. With no rest, I returned in time to SIT by that COLD door ALONE for Christmas…………..

Christmas can be hard on a single person. Christmas is a time to be with family. Doesn’t always happen. Christmas is a time for Romance. Ha! Christmas is a time for presents. None. Christmas is a time for Joy? It was sad. Pathetic….

What to do? What to do?

Develop a plan. If you have to work for 24 hours, you have it rough. Use you cell phone and call everybody you know! Seriously! Call your friends and family and tell them you love them. Call your long lost aunts and uncles, especially the elderly and other lonely people. Don’t whine and complain but BLESS them with your time. Use multimedia and ENCOURAGE!

Plan ahead! Church Christmas party? Go! Caroling at the Assisted Living or the Nursing Home? Go! Ring the bell for the Salvation Army? Yes, you will meet people! Feed the hungry? Go! Join in with a group from work to see Christmas lights? Of course! Invest in your future with your PRESENT and give yourself the PRESENT of the future…. Ha! I know. Funny!

Reflect on Jesus. The promise of his coming. The arrival. The life. The Death. The Resurrection. The Promise of hope.