The Believers Were Together and Shared……

     Wow! What a week for many! Tornadoes have affected many of you through friends and families suffering. Obviously, a tornado can SUDDENLY take away a home, a car or a LIFE! We do mourn for those that are mourning. Yet, it is also a wakeup call for the rest of us! It is time to share! The beautiful thing about disaster recovery is that it mobilizes good people to do the will of GOD! I’ll never forget the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew. The entire south part of Dade County was destroyed. I became homeless as did most of my friends, had to change jobs, stand in line for water…..No electricity for over a month…In the midst of this disaster, I remembered Jesus. The Sunset Church of Christ was serving the community and I was impressed. With time, I came back to Jesus. Similar opportunities are now available in Northern Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. A chance to share. Acts 2:44-45 talks how the early church shared what they had. We should too. Towels, sheets, work clothes (on hangers or folded), some dishes, kitchen appliances, bug spray, antibiotic cream…..the list goes on and on. Friend the Church of Christ Disaster Relief…they’ll tell you what to do. Pray, donate to your local church relief, and work if you can. Remember the story of Job? His children were killed when a mighty wind collapsed their house. The story didn’t end with tragedy. Niether will the story of Tornadoes 2011.


Single Men are like Waffles #2

          I had alot (ALOT! MANY!) of readers  this week so felt that we should continue on the Men are like Waffles topic (thoughts are mine and respond to the book by Bill and Pam Farril)

     So, a dating couple are having a phone conversation Tuesday afternoon after work (for our purposes we will call them Jane and Joe). 

Jane: I had some kind of a day. It was bad from the start. It got worse after lunch and ended on a sour note!

Joe: Yeah!

Jane: I hate this customer relations position. People can be so difficult! So rude! So obnoxious!

Joe: yeah!

Jane: I mean, really, is it my fault your little GI JOE tore up his birthday present as soon as he got it? Really? It’s just not my fault!

Joe: Yeah!

Jane: So, one of these days I’m going to blow a fuse and just tell ’em what I think! Sure am! Just let “em know!

Joe: Yeah!

Jane: I’m a nice girl. I went to college. I’m attractive. I’m caring. I deserve better….What do you think?

Joe: I’m hungry….

     You have just read a common example of a male/female conversation. And, believe it or not, Joe was listening and being honest. He accepted everything she said, did not argue or correct, patronize or interupt….and yet….he is in big trouble!

     He is hungry! So….how could he have communicated better?

A.    Jane, I hear you and after the day you’ve had, you deserve a night out!

B.    Jane, why don’t you come by and I’ll order us a pizza and we can talk about it.

C.    Jane, I care about what you are saying and know it’s a hard job for you….

Remember, men like to compartmentalize. We like solutions. And, we don’t mean to be insensitive but it’s hard to listen when we are dustracted. Tell the men you care about that you wantr them to listen but don’t expect them to “fix” everything.

Men are like WAFFLES….understanding a man….

     Want to know what makes a man tick?   Ok, I’ll tell you! Use it carefully and do not manipulate these poor creatures….Men, pay attention. The adversary nows knows your weaknesses…….

     Men are like waffles….not wishy, washy but VERY compartmentalized.  Men like to divide life into boxes and process life through these boxes.  (Most) men want to deal with one issue at a time and when the issue is resolved, they are willing to move on to box two. If (said) man is in box no. 1 (work) and someone calls with a problem from box no. 2 (roomate?), the man will not be comfortable or happy. After all, when a man is at work, he is at work. Work is important. It is an identity. It defines men. Ask (most) men to tell you about themselves and they will tell you where they work….”I’m a salesman….I’m a trucker…I’m a Doctor….Another way to describe how (most) men think is by the term linier (sp?). A line…like a ruler….1….2….3….4…..things should be done in order! Thus at the end of the ruler is “completion”….”success”….the bottom line….Don’t believe me? Take it from this married guy..(trust me-it happens every day)….

My wife calls (almost) every day. She asks, “what are you doing?”

I answer, “work”.

She says, “I know that but what are you you DOING?”

I answer, “work”.

“What time will you be home?” she asks.

“When I am finished with work.” I answer.

     Now this seems “silly” to women. After all, women multitask….. Trust me! (Most) men don’t want to multitask. When I watch a ballgame, I concentrate on the game. I don’t want to have a conversation! When doing yardwork, I divide it into manageable increments and conquer it one box at a time.

     Men ask questions like….is there a point to this conversation? ….what exactly do you want to do (or want me to do)?….If you tell us about your bad day, we will try to “fix” it……

     Men will always look for success in a relationship. They must “win” the conversation, “win” the girls heart, “score points” in the relationship. It’s truly NOT enough to have a conversation if a positive outcome cannot be achieved.

     Conclusion: (most) men feel better about themselves when they can solve a problem…………………

You Shall Not Have Other Gods Before Me!

Exodus 20:3……

     What do you allow to interfere with your relationship with GOD?

     Is marriage, romance, family, singleness, success, job or life in general interfering with your Christianity? Not only does not not want you to worship others but not other things! Many treat marriage as an idol. Another GOD to serve, feed and nurture!. Sometimes we put our children on the same pedestal. And work? Yes, I’m guilty! I can hide in my work!

     GOD wants us to have healthy relationships! We need friends and family who love us in a way that allows us to love back…and to love GOD more! After all, he created man and woman. He gave us marriage. He gave us family. Community. Church.

     Just listened to a book on CD. “Have a little faith” by Russ Albom. It discusses his relationship with his Rabbi as he prepares to write his eulogy. He meets with him for 10 years, gets to know and love him. What does he find? That the only thing the man cherishes are relationships….GOD, wife, family, church community, neighbors….During this 10 years Russ gets involved with an inner city ministry that feeds the hungry and houses the homeless….in their building that has a leaky roof and no heat. Run by a minister who is an ex-addict and criminal. And, what does he find? This man cherishes relationships….God, wife, family, church community, neighbors…..

     See, GOD must come first…always!

     then the other follows!

Preach the Gospel Everyday. If neccessary, use words

     “Feed my sheep”…..Jesus words to Peter……………..

     Great things are happening! We went to a concert last night at St. Paul’s Catholic Church to hear our DEAR and TALENTED friends, the Rees Family Band, L’ANGELUS. Wonderful young adults livng out their faith and culture through Cajun music. The impressive thing is that these four young adults are waiting on God to provide a mate and family, believe in LIFE, modesty and good behavior. They have their 4th CD out and are making it in Nashville! Best wishes.

     ASCENSION DAY will play the First City Church in Pensacola next Friday. Many of your remember the group as our special guests at LAUNCH 2010 at Disney. Their first commercial album is now out. I hope you will come out next Friday as they proclaim their faith through Christian Rock!

     Then Saturday we will make the Pilgrimmage to the Calico Fort in Ft. Deposit, Alabama to see many friends and family. SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN BLUEGRASS will perform. J.D. Loftin is the frequent songleader at the Ft. D. Church of Christ and has proclaimed Jesus nationwide through his music. Salute!

      St. Francis of Assissi stated that we should “proclaim the gospel at all times. If neccessary, use words”. It is far beyond the time of arguing and fighting over Jesus. It’s time to put our faith into action….encouraging, nurturing and loving others. I love to be “right” and win and argument! However, humility and understanding will save the relationship.