A loving touch

LUKE 7:36-50- the story of the woman who adored Jesus so much that he washed his feet with tears.

     It is so important to be touched with affection. The hardest part of being single again wasn’t celibacy (though it wasn’t a cakewalk). The hardest part was the absence of a loving touch on the shoulder, a peck on the cheek or cuddling on the couch. The intimacy of touch is so powerful. And yet, in our care to not “cross the line”, we forfeit something that sustains us. Loving touch comforts the sick, lightens depression and gives significance to the lonely. Jesus touched and was touched. He touched lepers, unclean women, and burly sailors. And he touches each of us!

     As you work through loneliness, hug (safely). Be touchy, feely. Be comforting. Jesus was.

     A group in Washington DC goes around with a placard that asks, “do you need a free hug?”. And they hug everyone. Granted, it’s a little “freaky” but the point is well taken.




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Making the most of my life

     Hi! Sorry I am a bit slow with this blog. Was in NYC visiting my COLLEGE AGE daughter, Sara. We walked alot! Went to the NY Library, Bryant Park, the Gondola area and had dessert at Serendipity! 2 hour wait, very expensive and extensive. Rode the subway back to Madison Square Garden and back to NJ.

     Little stuff, but a great time with a loved one. It’s harder for us to get together now that she has grown up and has her own life. Went to church Sunday at the recently planted Brunswick church. Small but sincere and loving. I hope she chooses to go without me next week.

     Remember Lydia in Acts 16: 11-15. Hard working and in awe of God. When she saw the opportunity to learn more of HIM, she grabbed hold. Let each of us grab hold of the security HE offers as we go through our day.

Love and Loneliness: I don’t fit here

     I Kings 19:1-18, Elijah in the wilderness. Shortly after a marvelous triumph when GOD burned a sacrifice of bulls and Baal worship was discredited, Elijah fled threats from Jezebel. Elijah prayed to die and seemed to blame himself for the failure of others. GOD appeared to Elijah not through powerful wind, an earthquake or fire. HE came to Elijah as a gentle whisper.

     Many of us would LOVE to have an epiphany, a dramatic visit from GOD. But, it seems that GOD works quietly in our lives, though encouragement and support from others. So, as you play solitaire this Saturday night, listen for that gentle whisper. Or provide it for another!

     And remember that all is loss, compare to knowing Christ! Phillipians 3:1-11