A Single Parent Solution

     October 6 @ 6 PM several of us will gather for a dinner and fund raiser for the MT. DORA CHILDREN's HOME at the Hilton Garden Inn in Pensacola! A nice meal, time with friends and information gathered will be beneficial.  So, what's the big deal?
     (about) 40% of American children live in a single parent home...
     (too many) children are in foster care
     (too many) children do not have good male role models
     (too many) children are missing meals
     (too many)………………………..you get the picture!

There are (not enough) resources that minister to single parents and their children. There are (not enough) 
places that take in the orphaned and provide a place to live and a good education with a Christian Foundation. 
Mt. Dora Children's Home is one of those places that "makes a difference". 

     Join us if you are local (let me know). Join us in financial support if you feel a need. Join us in prayer
for a continued success in this mission!

Commitment???? Really???


Jonah is the perfect example of a man who knew what God was calling him to do, yet resisted God’s call anyway. We often do that, too, don’t we? There are some things we have no problem handing over to Christ, but when it comes to others, we feel we simply can’t let go. We are blessed when our lives are made completely available to Him, and God stands with open arms, inviting us to trust Him.


SO…Single people! Where is the next event? Who is planning it? When is it? How much does it cost? Why do we even need singles ministry?

Not long ago, one of the single men blasted a few “old, married men” for “leading” a singles discussion. After all, what would we know that would help you in your daily life? Good point!

Her is what I know! Many singles (married people too but this is your ministry) are at a spiritual and social crossroads and you don’t have much support from churches. 1% of churches minister to single parents. About the same (pay for a) …singles ministry. 15% of Single people attend church regularly. And the physical and emotional temptation is greater when you are alone.

I need Singles to step up! Plan the events. Advertise. Mediate and contend for your place in the congregation. Pay for events!

Commitment! Needed! Be Committed!