Starting Over

     I remember the anxiety of being a teenager, mortified to ask a girl “out”. And the anticipation of starting a relationship. The fear and hope of changing schools. Graduation…joining the Army…going to college…falling in love…getting married…getting divorced…watching children grow up…one out of the house because of that divorce…new job…new home…new address…

     Do you like change? Somebody said that the only change that is appreciated is changing of a diaper…and the baby doesn’t appreciate the process! But change happens every day. Change happens at home and we have to respond to it. Change happens at work and we have to respond to it. Change happens at church and we have to respond to it. Don’t we hate change.

     And yet our hope in Jesus Christ is dependent on change. Our favorite verse (Acts 2:38) is about change. Repent and be baptized and wash away your sins. A new start! A new birth! A new hope! And after initial change comes a maturing of faith (doesn’t it?). We are children of GOD but children are expected to to grow up.

     Today is a great day to change. Mature your faith. Pray harder. Serve somebody. Give your heart. Accept something different from what you want. Praise GOD for good changes and new starts!


Life is complicated, isn’t it?

     What a week! A friend lost her mother Thursday. Expected but never ready. A friend talked of how badly he misses her grandchildren and how hard his divorce 25 years ago still is.  A lady is caring for her elderly mom who has Alzheimer’s disease. A single mom (or two) is stretched to the limit raising children and working. A nice college age guy was dumped by his “soulmate”, who found another “soulmate”.

     Every day we deal with adversity. Sickness and stress. Deadlines and deals. Anguish and ambition. Expectations and disappointment.

      But, after Jesus gave the great commission….he reminded us that “I will be there always”

Working Together in the Church

     Prayers are certainly appropriate at this time for the people in the Houston/Galveston area.

     I’ve been involved with many hurricane relief efforts. I became a Christian after working with the Sunset Church after Andrew in Miami. We received help with our downed trees and fence after Frances ( thanks again to Tim, Becky, Bill, Judi and Chris!). We went with the group from Melbourne to Louisianna after Katrina as did many LAUNCH contacts from Pa, NJ, TN and others. I noticed that after a disaster we work well together!! We pray harder and more often. We don’t fight over favorite songs. We share bread with brothers and sisters that we don’t socialize with when things are good.

      So, prayer and assistance are needed. But, I thank GOD for the opportunity to have a Christian family to serve.

Why Every Church Needs a Singles Ministry II

     Did you know that more are unmarried than married. 51% of the American population is single. That includes the widows and widowers, divorcees and never married. The scary part is that close to 40% of couples who are having children are not married. And alot of them are in the church. And not just one child. Why get married? I know many have been married and divorced repeatedly and it scares the younger generation. Celibacy…..doesn’t seem to be an option. Marriage causes a loss of financial benefit to many from the young parents to those on social security.

     What can be done? A church needs to provide strong fellowship which emphasizes accountability. Unfortunately, many singles attending church “don’t need a singles ministry”. And they are unwilling to provide singles ministry to others. The key to singles ministry isn’t the ministers and elders. It’s a strong desire by the individual single to minister to others.