I have noticed how “enthusiastic” many are in defending their political favorites. Please realize that much that is posted on facebook is exagerrated.  Please consider that neither the Democrats or Republicans are interested in furthering the message of Jesus Christ! Wealthy, dishonest men (and women) are running our wonderful country. Our place as Christians is to live right, pray hard and glorify our saviour.

     I am concerned over the interest of  Christians (many are ministers) to promote use of handguns. I respect your right to own a weapon but your priority is to preach and live the gospel. Fighting for gun rights is out of place in the pulpit.

     Be truthful when you discuss the sins of others….we know that Joe Paterno, the denver shooter, Jason Kidd….and many others who have erred are guilty but limit your facts to what is known. Don’t exagerrate! And, honestly, should we enjoy the sin of others so much?

     Don’t misrepresent the truth…..the restoration movement came about in the early 1800’s when men from denominations chose to attempt to go back to the Bible. Good men! Campbell (Presbyterian), Smith (Methodist), Smith (Baptist) and others “restored” the church as best they could. It is a good thing that a few people in middle America (Kentucky) tried to go back to the basics. They were not the first to make this attempt and won’t be the last.

     We state that we speak where the bible speaks and are silent where it is silent….then we debate, disfellowship and disrespect other believers who don’t do things the way we do. We are not the judge and we are not the only ones who do things right (or wrong).

      Jesus said the world would know we are Christians by the way we love one another…… starts with accuracy which is a product of truth.


Want to help give a home to someone who needs it?

LAUNCH ministry is focused on helping singles in the church serve and fellowship with other singles and serve the local congregation. Matthew Morrow, from Montgomery, Alabama, is raising money to donate a home to a family who needs it! This is leadership in action! Please consider supporting Matthew in this quest!!!!

Men, this is an example of leadership that needs to be in the church. Not people arguing about how to dot an I or T in the greek but compassionate and resolute action coupled by prayer. I suspect that if we, the church, would follow this example we would be a true light to our community.

Seems that the book of James talks about serving the widows and orphans….

Assembling with the Saints isn’t just at the building……

     Great weekend at Spiritual Growth Wordkshop. Great fellowship and preaching, hugs galore and a chance to share prayer and break bread. Awesome!

     I missed some of you who chose not to come! Some feel that they are either too “conservative” or too “progressive” to attend. It’s a shame! It shows a shallow level of maturity to avoid other Christians because everything isn’t just like you want it. I would be willing to bet that you would make it to an Alabama or Florida football game or a Kenny Chesney concert even if some were there. We need to support and encourage each other! The devil continues to prowl around and the more the church fractures, the fatter he gets.

     Many use a term “selective benevolence” to make excuses of why they cannot serve fire or storm victims who are not from their own favorite congregation. Seems Jesus felt that even the heathens would do this……think about it.

     There is a lot RIGHT about the Churches of Christ and your Christian brothers and sisters!

….a sister (a widow) has written death row inmates for 30 years encouraging them to know Jesus…Some have been baptized…All have been encouraged!

…a young, single brother has bought, repaired and donated a home to a single mother and her children. His gift and effort to make a difference….

…a retired brother (CEO level) does seminars and presentations to men’s groups, churches and schools (for minimal or no cost) to share the wisdom and faith of our Astronauts.

…a brother wrote and book about his experiences with Alcoholism and helps others overcome addictions.

…a sister makes scarves and gloves for children to make ends meet and not burden the church….

…a brother gets a text at 6:30 a.m. to get a flash mob together to unload a truck for a family moving into the neighborhood. The truck was unloaded 34 minutes after arrival…

…teenagers want to wash cars for free and invite people to church, men are grilling steaks and filling a barn to share their faith and seniors are riding the van and supporting singings at small, dwindling congregations to encourage them.

     Time to support the saints and serve the community. Church doesn’t happen only at the building!