Psalms 100:4-5 Enter HIS gates with thanksgiving, and HIS courts with praise; give thanks to HIM and praise HIS name. For the LORD is good and HIS love endures forever: HIS faithfulness continues through all generations.

I am always thankful. Thankful for food to eat (plenty), a roof that doesn’t leak and clothes to wear. Thankful for a job where I can use my hands to heal, mouth to teach, mind to wander (oops! I mean think) and heart to feel. Thankful for people who love me despite having to know me too well. Thankful for the routine adventures and the exciting opportunities. Thankful for wonderful ministers who have helped me get a grasp on what I believe. A place to worship in a country that allows it. Thankful to each veteran who served and sacrificed for our freedom. Thankful to be alive today. Thankful!

Thankful to GOD that HE allowed Jesus Christ to show me how to live. Thankful for the cross that sins are nailed to. Thankful for the blood that washes away sin. Thankful!

So, this turkey day, be Thankful. And tell me the personal thanks you have. It could be a great blog!!!!!


Single and able to Serve

1 Corinthians 7:32-35  Don’t wait until you have your “soulmate to get involved in the LORD’S work. Many are faithful from childhood until  finishing youth group or the college ministry. Then you realize that most of the folks at church are married and not like you. Many “take a break” from church until married or until children come along and then return to be “plugged in” at church. This is not the plan of GOD in scripture. Paul writes that a married person must please both GOD and mate but a SINGLE person has the freedom to serve whenever they want. At my house, I can’t go to the convenience store without letting my wife (and kids) know where I’m going but SINGLES (NO Kids Or Spouse) can come and go as they wish. So, be more involved in church. Serve lunch at the homeless shelter, pass out blankets or coats this winter, send cards to the sick or volunteer at the hospital. USE YOUR SINGLENESS as it is a gift! (This doesn’t take couples off the hook or parent off the hook- you should be serving too!). And don’t forget to let others know how they can serve YOU! This THANKSGIVING let’s truly give thanks for all our blessings and show Jesus to our community.

Tommorrow Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest

     This was a book in the 70’s. It continued that the day after might have to go to.

     What’s the point? A lack of passion? Resignation to powers in control? Tired of kicking against the pricks? Too much stress? Bills? Lonely? Overwhelmed?

     1 Kings 19 has an interesting story of Elijah. After he had witnessed the power of GOD in the story of the Baal priests vs. GOD relating to sacrifices, he fled in fear from Queen Jezebel. Depressed and hiding in a cave, he wanted to die. GOD came and revealed himself in an interesting way. and, HE reminded Elijah that many others were also faithful.

Psalms 46:10 says “be still and know that I am GOD”

Maybe cancelling today isn’t a good idea after all!

GOD provides a companion!

     Genesis 2:4-25–WOW! This is a paraphrase of what Adam said when he say Eve! WOW! Not, she has a good figure. Not, nice nails. Not, great, she can do the laundry. Or, I hope she doesn’t tell me what to do!

     Adam recognized what GOD had done for him! He saw 1) a great partner, 2) a source of strength and comfort,  3) a good fit,  4) a suitable companion.  Yes, all of this and more! He knew that GOD had given him the best! Bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh! Intimacy? you bet! Sizzle? Absolutely! Joy? Undoubtably! Thankful? Beyond belief!

     Are there lessons here for us? Obviously!

The Orange Ave. (Eustis) Singles Weekend is next weekend. See you there!


     I attend church every Sunday. Assist with a service at a senior center. Do ministry with the blog and events. Yet, I don’t always feel “connected”.

     I want what I read about in Acts 2:42-47. I want to break bread with brothers and sisters in our various homes. To share prayer and Bible in fellowship. To share the blessings GOD has given me with others. I want phone calls and e-mails checking on how the family is, where we are going and so forth. Yet, I don’t get alot of accountability out of the church. And I need it.

     Why do you think the Christian community doesn’t have the early churches depth of relationships? Is it too many belongings? Too little time? Too independent? Never hungry or thirsty?

     How can we get our church family to look more like this church in Acts 2?