Living (Single) in the Great House of GOD

There is a picture of “the church” going around the internet. It is of a small, stone church building on a cliff. And it has Bible verses to explain different parts of the building. The roof=the truth (1 Tim, 3:15). Built with living stones: (1 Peter 2:5). The steps are the 5 steps of salvation. The cornerstone and the door: Jesus (Eph. 2:20, John 10:9). Built on a Rock that juts over a cliff (Matt. 16: 13-18). GOOD verses! Bad picture!

What is wrong with it? Well, first of all, only a Billy Goat could get to it! It is unaccessable. Secondly, there are no people! Thirdly, it is too small so growth is impossible. And, the door is so small that only a small gymnast could enter!

We ae the Restoration Movement! So, let’s symbolically restore this house and make it a home for the heart! This week we will start with the door:

  • Jesus Christ is the GATE! A GATE is LARGE! Open! Welcoming! Several can come in and out at one time.
  • PEOPLEĀ are the true house of God! We need people! Red, Yellow, Black and White. Short and Tall. Young and Old.
  • Need a rail because Jesus is safe and reassuring.
  • A Red Carpet for royalty (aren’t we princes and princesses.
  • And the door must be open. We must make people feel welcome!

I need your input! What do you think?