What’s LOVE Got To Do With It? (Part 2)

    (Part 2) What’s Love Got to Do With It?
         Well, it should be everything. As we read our Bibles we see that David was a man after God’s heart and accomplished greater things it seems AS A SINGLE MAN! The Prophets Jeremiah and Jonah were SINGLE men tasked with delivering a tough message. Of course, Jesus was SINGLE as were most of his disciples. And how about the Apostle Paul? SINGLE! Yet, it seems that if you are not married with 2 kids, between the ages of 25- 45, churches have little to offer you. Even as a preacher, you have minimal chance of working in one of our churches. 99% married! I know a few SINGLE preachers. Can count them on one hand. Many churches even require you be married to apply.

         So…if you are SINGLE in anyway…. Young and never married, older and never married, divorced or widowed, you are on your own.
             Really? What happened to the harvest is ripe? Are unmarried people not to be harvested?  What if you are a SINGLE parent with kids? Are your kids not worthy of the gospel? What if you are a goofy older man (50?) married to a younger woman without kids? Not worthy? Or you are both married and older with teens? What if you are SINGLE and adopted or have foster children?
             When I read my Bible, I see two things. 1) Jesus did not avoid the SINGLE! Jesus interacted with the 5 time divorcee at the well, then sent her to tell the good news to her town. She did! And what a testimony she had! The demon possessed man living alone in the cemetery. Same story! Interaction then assignment. Go tell people what I did for you! Over and over again. Yes, I hear you. Yes, I will forgive you! Now GO, MAKE disciples, BAPTIZE them…….Jesus sees your value.
             But what about my “local church”. Well……….people will disappoint you. Everyone has their own agenda. Find the good folks, both in and out of the church building. Yes, assemble in the pews. But also, go to Karaoke together! Swing dance lessons? Why not? Take a Christian Singles Cruise. Go on a mission trip! How about a service project? GO! MAKE DISCIPLES! YOU CAN BAPTIZE THEM (encourage them, feed them, talk with them, love them……). Let’s go!


Encouragement to Take Through your Week…

We all need to learn to embrace where we are in life. If you are single be successful at it. If you are married or in a relationship be successful at it. There are advantages to both situations. Being single can be lonely at times. Being married or in a relationship can also be lonely at times. Having the wrong somebody is NOT better than being alone. Enjoy the journey you only get this life once. My gift to you…💗Karen (Karen Hamilton- Single mom, SUCCESS Singles)

Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is life not more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable then they? Can anyone of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?
Matthew 6: 25-27 (2010 NIV)…. Shared by Ken Jones, Counselor and speaker from LAUNCH

Look out for others, but not to your own exclusion. We learn to care by caring about ourselves. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.


IF it is hard for two parents to raise one child, imagine how much harder it is for one parent to raise two children…………..

(Modern) Churches are designed for married couples between the ages 25-45 with two children. Others have to plug in as they find opportunity.

The main reason not to “plug in”? Too busy! The plate is full. Overwhelmed. A genuine Catch-22.

We might have to change our approach to…. church…support…relationship… Jim Miller, LAUNCH

“ditto”— Lit Cole, LAUNCH Speaker


The Dating Game Part 2! (Really)

Yes, we remember the dating game. We have the Bachelor. Dating in the Dark (really, they had that). And a show years ago on MTV that was rather crude. Lots of ideas and attempts to entertain about our ineptness at “dating”. So, here are a few thoughts:Where to Find A date WHERE DO I FIND A DATE?

You meet people at work, at school, in business and at the church building. We facebook, Instagram, twitter, skype and text. Occasionally, we make a phone call. We are the most “connected” yet “disconnected” we have ever been. Let’s talk about computer dating….

computerdateSO, WHAT ABOUT COMPUTER DATING? A PERSONAL AD WITH YOUR PICTURE ON IT…CAN’T GO WRONG………well…………. Yes, it can. People put their best face forward (in their opinion). So, it is a staged attempt. It can be viewed as shallow or worldly. Or you just take a BAD picture. Yes, show your sense of humor. Beware! Unless you are a comedian, you might not be funny.


YOU GOT THE CHURCH OF CHRIST SINGLES.COM, CHURCHES-OFCHRIST-SINGLES.NET, CHRISTIAN MINGLE, E- HARMONY, MATCH.COM, FISH IN A BARREL AND JANITOR IN A DRUM…………….Who owns these things? A few are owned by Christian interests. Many are owned by media conglomerates who also own…….(drum role please)….. Cosmopolitan, Allure and even more scandalous publications. So, they may not understand where you are coming from (but will love your money).

Silbano Garcia, Church of Christ minister and the founder of church-of-christ.org states that computer dating can be very safe and deliberate and it enables you to meet people you would not have met otherwise. Many good marriages have happened because of each of the (legitimate) services above. He recommends you ask lots of questions, ask the church where the person attends for personal references and visit to go to church. Hazards include…they lied….they don’t look like that…while they attend church, they may not be seeking Jesus……..Be careful!



Why not find a friend in your singles group, church group and small group? Why not attend the LAUNCH seminars (which are Jesus centered, fellowship oriented and affordable)? 


And if you do meet someone…………Start easy. Go to a public place for coffee, ice cream…be friends…

(edited from an article 2014 by Jim Miller)