Balance work and parenting for the single

I know how hard it is to raise children, to get a babysitter, to leave work to pick up a sick child or to find time for meetings and activities. It’s hard when there are TWO parents! But, it is many times harder for the singles parent. To be mom and dad. To pay all the bills, shoulder all the worries. So, single parents, tell me the details I don’t know or remember


So, how do you get married????

The real question is……if you can’t live alone in a way that pleases GOD, how do you marry in a way that pleases HIM? I Corinthians 7:8,9 says it’s good to not marry but if one burns with desire, they should marry! 7:28 says if you marry, you don’t sin and 7:32 says an unmarried man focuses on the Lord but the next verse says the married man’s focus is divided. In 7:39 it states that the widow can marry but “only in the Lord”. Read the chapter slowly and with prayer. What do you think GOD would want for you???After all, GOD acknowledged that it was not good for Adam to be alone……Tell me something good!!!!!!

Are you angry about celebacy (#2)

Interestingly, the most viewed post asked if you are angry about celebacy? But, not many comments. So, I’ll give you my view when I was single: I don’t like being alone at night!!!! I’m a nice, handsome guy….what’s wrong with me??? Why do I have to suffer this when alot of others are with someone? Why does this build character? Didn’t David have alot of wives? Why wait on someone you don’t know? I know it honors GOD, so why am I still lonely? I’m not angry, just very frustrated!
I’m just looking for a place to land. Seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and HIS righteousness…and all these things will be given you…Even a mate???

The Trivia Contest#1

The first person to identify (as a comment) the following lyrics by performer and song title will get a copy of the media mailed to you:
I dip my toe in the water,
before I know it I’m over my head,
I try to warm myself by the fire,
but I end up getting burned instead,
I’ve sold my soul for a little big of heaven,
I’ve put my hart in the wrong hands…………..

honoring all Mothers

All of us have a mother (except a few who hatched anonymously or were adducted by aliens. GOD bless our mothers! Our single mothers in our community, the mothers who wiped our faces and combed our hair, the mothers at church who encourage us. Mothers often put their needs on the back burner and take care of the chidren first. Mothers read bible stories to the kids and dress them up. Mothers worry when you are sick, pat your hand and kiss the boo-boo to make it better. Mothers try to motivate Fathers to do the right thing.
Motherhood is the single most important socialital indication of health. The future of our country, church and community depends on mothers. We salute you! Let us serve you also. What can we do to help and encourage???

The new list……….

I know we all have seen the “lists”. Hear, believe, confess, repent, be baptized. Or, 3 songs, a prayer, another song , communion, offering, a song, sermon, invitation and a song. Or, we preach, pray, take the Lord’s supper, give and sing.
Why are we not more interested in the list in Matt 25:35 ” Feed the hungry, quench the thirsty, visit the lonely, cloth the naked…..”? Why are we not better at serving the community? What can we do to improve? Tell me your thoughts!