What if you rule the world?

     Matthew 12:26- “What does a man gain if he hs all the rishes and power in the world and loses his soul?”

     Andrew Carnegie was a true rags to riches story. Carnegie rose from the streets near Pittsburg and became the richest man in America! Carnegie founded railroads, steel mills and supply companies. He knew a deal when he saw it and was a ruthless business man. His laborers worked long hours in dangerous conditions with minimal benefits. He didn’t allow strikes and men were killed. He (and others) enjoyed vacation homes on the lake that burst causing the Johnstown flood and killing thousands. No safety measures were used to shore up the dam. Even his “friends” and family hated him!

     In his older age he sought to improve his image and make a difference in the country. He gave away millions which was used to build over 200 libraries, found Carnegie Mellon University, the Carnegie Center and fund the predecessor to the United Nations.

     On his deathbed, nobody came to visit. His latest wife and a servant were present when he asked for “Frick”. Frick was his son-in-law, business partner and president of several of his companies. Frick refused to visit, saying “I’ll wait and meet him in hell later”…

      Relationships are everything! Nurture your relationship with Jesus, the Christ, your saviour! Nurture your family and friends. Nurture, Nurture, Nurture! Have sopmeone to hold your hand at the end.