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(If you were to give up something for lent)…What would it be?

Posted in Uncategorized on February 21, 2013 by xybatt

     Mardi Gras is over! The carnival season where debauchery and gluttony are celebrated has come and gone again. Now many in the religious world have 40 days to “fast” (tongue in cheek for many) and give up something for lent (the time preceding Easter- the holiday that many of us –wink! wink!– don’t celebrate. So, if you do or would give up something, what would it be?

  • One lady mentioned to me that the Pope gave up his job this year for lent…………….
  • One lady is giving up butter and eating only margarine for 40 days (suffering to be sure).
  • One cohabitating couple is giving up sex……….technically, since you shouldn’t be there, it may not count!
  • One wife is doing the same, much to her husband’s displeasure and contrary to the writings of Paul in 1 Conrinthians 7…..
  • Some make healthy choices and give up soda or pizza or cigarettes….
  • One minister I know gave up FOOD and fasted for 40 days….just water and vitamins. Lost alot of weight!

I wonder what Jesus would give up? Oh, yeah! He gave his life. For you! And me! He gave up EVERYTHING!

I guess giving up butter isn’t such a sacrifice after all……………………………..