Just Do It! (cookies, badges and camping with the scouts!)-Why get involved in community agencies?

Acts 19:9 (Paul went first to the religious Jews) …..they refused to believe and became obstinate….So Paul left them. He took the disciples with him and had discussions daily in the hall of Tyrannus (footnote: a gymnasium where sports and education training occured)

I know many in the religious world who completely separate church and social activities. Example: Two men (good friends) ride 4 hours each way six times a year to see their favorite college team play. They do NOT discuss religion. They do passionately cheer for their team and enjoy a big time. Both have agreed not to “fellowship” with the other because he is “not a real Christian” but don’t let it affect their friendship…….

I feel that Jesus should be the center of all our life! He should be discussed by friends! Shared and enjoyed. Jesus should be taken to the game! You can’t have a church life and a social life. You cannot have Christian friends and act differently with them than you do with your real friends. You are a Christian! Period! One expectation!

Scouting notes or thoughts! It is good for parent child relations. Yes, my back is sore today from sleeping on a rack on the U.S.S. Alabama with the scouts last night. Yes, I came home tired. Jameson and I spend quality time with other dads and their boys exploring the ship. We enjoyed (extra) time with church members Kelly, Joey and Thomas. We met another family. The Dad is a deacon in a local church. He expressed interest in our homeless outreach. We invited him to come observe/ volunteer next month! Many good dads spending time with their sons! A goog thing!…..badges- kids learn and demonstrate skills and are rewarded with badges (knot tying, do a good deed, history, fire safety). They earn the reward. This helps prepare for the real world where nothing is free!…..cookies- Girl Scout Cookies are BIG business! My wife (Rachel) works hard to keep up with the inventory and money (she is the scout leader). The scouts learn basic business and marketing skills. Lessons are also learned in approachability and courtesy……The Boy Scuts offer a badge for religious mastery of one’s faith. The curriculum is tough. I would be willing to say that many adults don’t know enough about their local church’s teaching to get a badge. Good stuff!

Did you know that kids involved in scouts, sports and community organizations have more success in life? Less temptation. Less drugs, sex, alcohol abuse, etc. Works for the grownups too!

Other great options are tutoring, Big Brother/ Big Sister or volunteering a day at a local charity.

Excuses? Yes, there are many you can use. “Many are affiliated with the United Way which supports ________ (insert your sin). ” or “That group supports alternative lifestyle #7”  or “I don’t feel that we should be unequally yoked with people like those________”

Get over it! All 3 major automotive manufacturers hire and support people from alternative lifestyles (alternative to GOD). So does Wal Mart, K Mart and the mini mart. Your favorite entertainers often are living a non Christian lifestyle (do you turn off your TV or radio)?

The final decision (opinion). Get out there and meet some new people. Be a Christian in your community. Mentor, assist, tutor, whatever…..JUST DO IT!


Just Do It! (Week 3) Feed and Cloth the Homeless……

Matthew 25:35-36 “When I was hungry and you gave me something to eat and I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger and you invited me in. I needed clothes and you clothed me. I was sick and you looked after me……”

H.O.M.E. – the ministry to Pensacola’s homeless……The facts: about 100 attened and ate lunch today. Many showered and changed into clean clothes. Some ate and ran but 4 stayed for Bible study. Several had medical questions which were answered. Hygiene items like shampoo and  soap were distributed along with candles and bug spray. About 35 believers served today. The food was good! The clothes given away were nice and clean on hangers. The fellowship for some was sweet and others simple necessity.

Why serve the homeless? Many churches do not! You could point at the fact that 100 ate a meal and only 4 attended Bible study. Aren’t some of them criminals and addicts? Aren’t most just opportunistic visitors who take what they can get free? Most will never become church members.

Why serve the homeless? Because it is right! Jesus closed Matthew 25 by stating in verse 45 that if you don’t serve them, you don’t serve Christ. v. 46 says “then they will go away to eternal punishment….”. Why serve the homeless? Because many of us (all….) are basically criminals and addicts in  the eyes of a perfect GOD. You can argue and be offended but we are all sinners. You may not be addicted to crack or liquor but something has your attention. How well do you manage you money, pay your taxes, etc.? How many spend more money at McDonald’s every day than they give to support widows or orphans. How’s that anger issue? Do you watch more TV than read your Bible? Are your perfect?

Why serve a group that only 4% are interested in Bible study? Isn’t that a big waste of time and effort? Here is my counter argument. Does your outreach or occupation have a 4% success rate. If a car salesman sells 4% he will make ALOT of money! If the local evangelist studies with 4% of the people he meets each day, he will have accomplished tremendous things. Thing about it. 1 out of every 25 is INTERESTED!

Why serve the homeless today? If nothing else, my 9 year old son is learning to serve others and to be useful. That in itself would be enough.


LAUNCH SINGLES WEEKEND IN APPROX. 4 WEEKS (FEB. 17-19) – see upcoming events!

Just Do It! week two………….Why serve lemonade and hot chocolate at the Gulf Coast Getaway?

My 11 y.o. daughter, Jessica and I had the privilege of setting up our lemonade stand and serving over 200 cups of lemonade and 40 cups of hot chocolate to COLLEGE STUDENTS at the X-games Saturday at the Gulf Coast Getaway……


  1. It was easy and pleasant…. a day on the beach in Florida (even a cool, breezy one) is always a welcome treat.
  2. It encourages me to see 2500 college students praying, reading the Bible, singing and fellowshipping through competition. instead of getting involved in all the garbage I did when I was that age.
  3. I can afford it! Half a tank of gas and $20 in supplies and I met and interacted with 250 people.
  4. Contacts? Yes, the college ministers and students are VAGUELY aware of the need for adult singles ministry.
  5. MY Jessica is learning to SERVE……………

You don’t have to go on a foreign mission trip or donate a trust fund to work in the kingdom. Keep your eyes, ears and heart open and you will make a difference wherever you are! Just do it!



2012! Just DO It!

Just do it! I wonder if James the disciple was alive 2 day if he would wear nikes. He was after all a man of action. The truth is GOD wants us to do good! He tells us to And we have frequent  opportunity to do so. No excuses! No “I’ll do it later”. No” I’ve got better things to do”. To just don’t do it is wrong.       Don’t you dare walk past a lonely person in the hall and not say hello. Don’t ignore the lady on your block who needs groceries and can’t drive. Don’t ignore the homeless person. Don’t run away if someone is crying.       Do step out of your comfort zone! Treat others with respect. Encourage. Comfort. Share Jesus True what you say and what you do.      James 4:17 Can be explained by a slogan: Just do it!