Beating ourselves up over not sharing the Gospel more does not get us very far. It hasn’t worked yet to motivate us to be more eager to share our faith, has it?
We need to look at why we don’t share our faith more, and then realize that some of those reasons are dumb, some are valid.
One valid reason is that we often forget what it was like to not know the Lord. For some of us, we can’t remember what that was ever like because we came to know Christ as a child. For others of us, we have walked closely with God for so many years that we have long forgotten our B.C. (Before Christ) days.
If it helps you at all, try to remember what you felt like, how you thought, what hope you lacked when you didn’t know Jesus way back when. Then, realize that many of the people around you are right where you were before coming to know God. Even if they wear a very brave face and act like they have it all together, many of them are not sure why they are even on the planet.
For those of us from non-Christian homes, remember the gloom that hung over the house when it was clear that Satan was boss—broken marriages, alcoholism, tirades, torrents of unkind words—you remember now, don’t you?
Don’t get so far away from your past without Christ that you forget what it was like not to have Him. I think even a few minutes of remembrance of life before Him can motivate us to share His love with others.
Personally, I will never forget what it was like to grow up in a non-Christian home and the cloud that hung over it. I never want to go back to that, and I don’t want anyone else to have to live in that kind of household. That sometimes motivates me to share my faith.
Prayer: Lord, remind me of what life was like without You. Use that remembrance to loosen my tongue when I have a chance to say something about how great You are.

Quotes from LAUNCH Christian Singles

Jennifer Lambert

Jennifer Lambert    is a Christian Single from the D.C. area and works for the US Government

“The love we don’t pour out on a spouse made out of dust is made available to our Eternal Spouse. If we are destined to marry, we will discover how precious that “extra” love for God was.”

Matthew Morrow is a Christian single from Montgomery, AL and the hardest working man in Alabama!

“Singles are the least served group in the churches of Christ! ”

Hannah Greene is a college (age) business owner (Uptown Salon, Jay, FL)

“Churches don’t have a place for the young working person. I started my business at age 19 and own my own house. The “college and young professional” group didn’t accept that I don’t plan to go to college. I make a living doing what I love and am ready for a family. ”

Jason Davis is a younger widower from the Atlanta area

Although we have the words of James to remember the widows and orphans, we do neglect widows. Widowers are also forgotten. I was fifty when my wife died just over four years ago, and I have long ago lost count of the number of times that I have left the Sunday morning assembly without an invitation to join someone for lunch. Singles are not likely to ask a married couple if they will have lunch, for fear of infringing on their time together as husband and wife. There have been entire months when I have eaten every meal alone, and the loneliness does not help to heal the grief. For me, not having any close family within 500 miles makes it even more difficult. There are no parents left, and I never had siblings, so the only close family for me is my daughter and grandson, and they are too far away.

I just had a thought……………Sabrina Diaz is a Christian and a Student at Azuza Pacific University

I just had a thought that is kind of profound to me. I love metaphors and symbolism and such, and I was thinking about how the apostle John calls Jesus “the Word.” Of course there there is the obvious meaning of Jesus being called that because he brought the words of God to us, much like a prophet. In that sense, though why wouldn’t John just call him the “mouth piece” or something? Here’s what I… realized… Jesus is God’s words to us in action… the acting words of God… words personified. How many times do people say things and not put their money where their mouth is? How many times do words seem so wonderful to the ears only to be met with disappointment by a lack of action? How many times do we get duped by pretty language, flowery rhetoric, and empty promises? How many times do we wonder if anyone is worthy of trust? In this, Jesus showed us that God can be trusted. He sent “the Word” to fulfill the promises he had already spoken to numerous people since the dawn of creation. God had a plan from the beginning that He spoke of throughout the ages leading up to Jesus… and he will never fail to fulfill the words He says to us. He will never fail to act on the love He has for his children. Even if no one else can be fully trusted, God came through then, and He will come through again and again if we trust Him…. Yeah so just something I was thinking about “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:1-5).

BLINK! 7 seconds to make that first impression!!!

to Success in your Ministry:

Understanding How People Think and React

“Often we live our lives in chains and don’t even know we have the key” (the Eagles, 1974)


BLINK  written by Malcolm Gladwell


The following are thoughts about how to better relate with others:


  • It takes 7 SECONDS for a person to make a judgement about you and your church, ministry, etc. It takes YEARS to overcome it!
  • Compassion is unique but CONTEMPT is universal.
  • People who SUE churches, doctors, organizations, etc. state that they did so because they were rushed, ignored or treated poorly or disrespectfully.
  • Tone of voice is more truthful than the words spoken.
  • Free Will is often an illusion.
  • We need to accept our own ignorance and say “I don’t know more often.”
  • BEWARE the Warren Harding Syndrome (in the Bible it is the SAUL syndrome). Just because he looks like a leader doesn’t mean he is a leader.
  • Even if things are horrendous (at work, in your life), you still give it your best.
  • You must trust you subordinates and let them work!
  • Do not be “ so focused on the mechanics and the process that you forget the problem. “


I hope these thoughts help you as you go out and meet others for Jesus!