What if….personal ad????

we have been talking about Christian dating. What if this “ad” crossed your path?

SWM, 30 something, nice looking, professional, quiet, sensitive, strongly devoted Christian man looking for Christian lady to share faith, friends and fun. I have been waiting for you my whole life!!!

now, this isn’t a specific person but if it were, ladies, would you be interested?

PS: not Brad Pitt


Federally Funded Ad….

aimed at conflicted young adults! (Add conflicted to the list singles are called). Marriage has turned into a quandry for young adults. Should they or shouldn’t they? Can they escape divorce (their parents didn’t!). Why not just live together? They do know (75%) that they don’t want to marry the wrong person. They don’t want to be “alone together”. So, LAUNCH SINGLES, what do you think?

Ask me about CFBC retreat in March and San Jose in April!


What a wonderful Singles weekend. The Meridian Woods church did an excellent job hosting the annual L.A.U.N.C.H. Singles Conference, which was attended by all ages, 20 to 49 (and holding). Thanks to Reggie, Randy and the chuch for a job well done.

My Funniest Date Experience

Hey out there! Tell me about your funniest or most unusual dating experience (not the worst tragedy!). I know I went out with a few folks who were “a little more special” than others. The state trooper’s daughter who wanted me to “go real fast” in the car (she never had) and wet the car seat out of fear when I did. Or the person who wore jeans to a wedding. What about the person who never came out of the bathroom???? Tell me yours! My funny story is posted!!!
http://www.meridianwoods.org to register for singles conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!