Good news is always welcome!!!!

You are the LIGHT of the world! Matthew 5:14

You are here to be light, bringing out God’s colors in the world….the message. GOD is not a secret to be kept!  Matt. 5:14

“We will leave the light on for you!” LAUNCH ministries (borrowed from the great prophet Tom Bodet) and similar to Jim Morrison’s thoughts………..(l0l)

Here is the situation of life and facebook:      535 brethren and sistren will argue over an obscure Bible verse!

6 will show up to work on a church and community project……


What will be accomplished by the argumentative 535? You fill in the blanks__________________________________________

Here is the actual fruit of a few painting a barn on church property in NJ

  1. The paint will weather proof it for a while longer
  2. It looks pretty good!
  3. The mural and Bible verse are HIGHLY visible to the Middle School drive and parking lot
  4. The Veggie Tales  pictures on the north side attracted a visit from a grandmother, mother and daughter who are now volunteering in our food pantry and the high school age daughter is helping to paint.
  5. New friendships were made between good people from different congregations
  6. Painting clears the mind and is relaxing as an alternative to a stressful job.
  7. The minister is encouraged.
  8. We might be in the paper.

It is easier to bicker than to work but the work in life brings the harvest!

  • Pray for a man who stood at Physical Therapy for the first time in 7 years
  • Pray for Amy’s dad who had surgery and all of your friends and family who are ill!
  • Pray for Adam who converted from Judaism and was baptized yesterday!
  • Pray thankfully as GOD fed us all today!
  • Pray

See upcoming events and see pictures on facebook of our cool barn. The next project may be a 50’s style gas station………