The Christian at Work…There’s an APP for that!

What did you want to be when you grew up? A fireman? A policeman? A farmer? A lawyer? A preacher? A landlord?

Are you doing what you want now? Or are you working to pay bills and be responsible?

Did you know that the average American worker works 48 hours a week?

_____Proverbs 14:23 tells us that “Hard work brings a profit but mere talk leads only to poverty”

So. A few questions:     Is your work tiring or invigorating?

Why are you working?

Are you on the clock with God or working against Him?

False statements about work,  #1 : $ + position = success

_____ Proverbs 23:4-5 ” Do not wear yourself out to get rich. Have the wisdom to show restraint”

REMEMBER: Net worth is not self worth!

False statement #2 : Whoever dies with the most toys wins!

______ Ecclesiastes 4:4-8 ” labor and achievement spring from envy of our neighbor……there was a man all alone; he had neither son nor brother. There was no end to his toil. yet his eyes were not content with his wealth…..”

Are you working for stuff? YOU CANNOT TAKE IT WITH YOU!

False statement #3: Take care of #1 first!

_____ Proverbs 11: 24-25 “one man gives freely yet gains even more…another withdraws unduly and comes to poverty…..”

Do you know the names Colgate, Welch, Penney, Rockefeller, Kraft? All of these wealthy men tithed generously! SHARE YOUR BLESSINGS!

False statement #4 : Successful Career = successful life

______ Ecclesiastes 2:11 ” all my toil is meaningless”

The formula for success is similar to the formula for a nervous breakdown…..Swindoll

False statement #5- People respect the money!

______ Proverbs 22:1 “good name is better than riches”

Do you respect the names DeLorean, Trump, Enron….?

Here is the truth! YOUR JOB is a PLATFORM for PERSONAL MINISTRY!

Are you a hard worker –or–  a slacker?

Are you positive            –or–  negative?

Are you  known for integrity    –or– cutting corners?


True statement # 1 : WORK is a blessing!

______Genesis 3:17-19  the ground was cursed…not the work

Work pays the bills!!!

True statement #2 : GOD respects work!

_____Proverbs26:14-15 ” but laziness and dishonesty despised!”

Work is respected by GOD and other workers!

True statement #3 : Work pleases the LORD!

_____Proverbs 12:2, 11 ” A good man obtains favor….Lord condemns a crafty man,  he who works his land will have food but he who chases fantasies lacks judgement…”

Work! Don’t chase rainbows and take shortcuts. You can appreciate what you earn.

What are you working for a sports car? (mine rusted)….a big house? (and a big mortgage) …fame? (I was the star at my company until someone new came along) …power? (dictators are not popular)…..

Work for Jesus! Glorify Him and you will have a good life….