What about e-harmony, CofC singles, etc????

What do you think of internet dating services? e-harmony promises a good emotional match based on personality. CofC singles helps you find someone of like belief. It seems each denomination has their own version.
I welcome your imput from experience or opinion.

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they shall be comforted!

April 18 at the San Jose C of C singles day, grief will be addressed by a young widowed father, Greg (I will sit in to support!
L.A.U.N.C.H. Singles Conference coming SOON! Feb. 13-15. Register at http://www.meridianwoods.org.
Why don’t we comfort better? Alot of our widowed and divorced (not all) state that when adversity struck, the church was absent! Friends fled. Forget couples supporting you. You are not a couple anymore! Church leaders often take a hands off approach. “I can’t be worried with what is happening at other congregations…” Yet we teach one Lord, one church? Doesn’t the Bible teach us to mourn with those who mourn? Danny Dodd’s blog is addressing why the church is shrinking in number. Might it be that we aren’t comforting???

Blessed are they that mourn…

for they shall be comforted….
Met an awesome young lady this week. She was at Covenant Hospice volunteer training and had lost her husband last year. He was under our care. So, she is preparing to serve others!
We talked about how the “younger” widowed don’t have peers and how hard it is to relate to other “singles” because it is so different.
I know some of you went through the death of a spouse. Tell us what we need to know about grief, pain and supporting those who mourn.
P.S. Have been invited to help address this topic at singles day in Jax this April………

A New Beginning

This has been quite a week! Babies born! Death of adults! Elvis movies (the kids are amazed)!!! Gators win!! Jobs are hard to come by (Rachel was laid off also).
The college retreat in Panama City- http://www.gulfcoastgetaway.com -is next weekend! We’ll serve up our FAMOUS HOT PINK LEMONADE AND POPCORN!!
But the most important new beginning! Please welcome Charlotte Bennett to the family!!! She is being baptized at the Veranda, where we also planted a new church this year!

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of GOD

as we start the New year, let’s remember to seek GOD first and THE all these things will be added ….My first devotional at a singles event was “seek ye first”…date and please GOD and HE will take care of the rest. A young lady was in attendance but wasn’t very impressed with me or the message. I don’t remember meeting her that day. 2 years later we married. GOD is in control!

BTW: please tell me which design you like! This week the title is books.