Honor your father and mother…..

The Father Factor


Hppy Father’s Day!

Six Gifts a father can give his child……

   1) Love their mom   (even if the marriage is over you need to be respectful and supportive)

   2) Teach your kids to respect (others, property, law)

   3) Give spiritual direction to your family. To quote Matthew Morrow “it is time to man up!”

          A  statistic David shared        *If you study with and convert a child, there is a 3.5% chance the

                                                         family of that child will follow in his steps…..

                                                         *If you convert the mother, there is a 17% chance that the family will

                                                          also be converted to Christianity……

                                                          *If you convert DAD, there is a 93% chance the family will

                                                           convert to Christianity!!!!!!!

4. Encourage your kids. Catch them doing something good.

5. Invest quality time.

6. Pray for your kids.

    SINGLE DADS……Stay in that child’s life!   

       * Visit as much as you can

       * Be generous with the financial support

       * DO NOT argue in front of the children

       * DO NOT criticize the mother

       * It is never too late to build that relationship


Thanks to David Weisman at MCC, Milmay, NJ.



You shall not make an idol…..you shall not bow down and worship them.

Exodus 20:4-5  Many Christians laugh at this commandment. It is truly ABSURD that someone would woship an image! Isn’t it?

First of all, we are not talking about Art appreciation class here. It is ok to enjoy paintings or sculpture. To enjoy the talent of self or others is appropriate. But to pray to or depend on an object to bring us a fortune or give us good luck is trivializing GOD and degrading the person who practices this.Simply put, your rabbit’s foot obviously didn’t help the rabbit and Saint Christopher cannot protect you.Putting a little Jesus statue on your dash and rubbing it when you need it doesn’t count as worship or prayer.

So….you agree! However, we have other ways to trivialize GOD. Sometimes we misplace our loyalty to the minister or the church group instead of pleasing GOD. Many a problem has occurred when a popular minister moved on or our local congregation “changed”. We state that we believe GOD is the same yesterday, today and forever and that GOD is in control yet we have to “help him” keep order. We separate ourselves from those who “sin” in ways that we see as evil. Smoking! Drinking! Women wearing pants! Men not wearing a tie! Dancing! Watching movies! Playing cards! Cutting grass on Sunday! All of these activities and many (many…………..) more have caused conflict in churches. We could tell the smoker that he is harming the temple of GOD. True, but do we tell the fat guy to lay of the fried chicken at the pot luck? Or do we withdraw rom our members who don’t exercise. After all, they are also harming the temple. Drinking? I can tell you that alcohol is the most addicitive and damaging drug available and alcoholism destroys lives. I would never promote drinking. But, I also know that many have a drink in a responsible manner. I remember when a woman wore pants to church when I was a kid. It was a scandal. My grandmother, always good for a quote, stated thet she was a “hussy”. My dad stated that it was getting to be where you “couldn’t tell the men from the women”. I do like a lady in a dress, but that’s another story. The bottom line is that I can usually tell the men rom the women and am interested in the heart first. Dancing? Dance NICE! No booty dance! Movies? Cards? You know when you are pleasing GOD. Work on Sunday? The commandment was to work SIX days and set aside the Sabbath to rest and delight in the LORD. These days it is hard to get anyone to work 40 hours and nobody seems to want to work SIX days. Honor GOD! Daily.

Do we let a baby crying during prayer or a person talking during communion distract us? Are we afraid to do a good deed for another because we fear how it “looks”. Would we “skip” worship service if it is not to our liking? Don’t put ANYTHING between you and GOD!