Is a gym or music or social gatherings effective evangelism?

     Matthew 28:19: Go to the world, preach the gospel, baptize…..

     Sorry folks! I’m very frustrated! It is easier to buy a couch for a room in a church building than to send $70 a  month  to a minister in a village in Africa so he can have a light bulb to study his BIBLE!  Churches can’t afford to support inner city ministries or prison ministries- but- have enough money to maintain a gym that they don’t use but once or twice a month. Churches either spend alot of money on sound equipment (with or without band) yet don’t encourage members to get together for singing practice so they can participate better! We spend about $100 dollars for maintanence of property for every $1 we spend to actually preach, teach and study. Churches have elaborate “gospel” meetings for members only but can’t afford to host bible school! Money is spent carting kids to amusement parks and tours of of favorite Christian colleges, even when other schools might be nearer and more encouraging or affordable. We (believers have so many cults, sects, split and denominations that the world is confused to watch us run around like fire ants around a honey tree!

     It’s ok to glorify God by using your gifts! In fact, it’s mandatory! So, play basketball or guitar! Write a poem! Sing with Christian radio! Catch a fish! Play paintball! Go to the beach! Socialize! Build relationships! Fellowship! Cry with the grieving (we have many we know). Celebrate victories (just as many).

     But don’t call a party, evangelism! It’s not! Evangelism is showing others what the Bible says about Jesus by study, by example and by caring for the homeless, the sick, the incarcerated, the orphans.

      Evangelism includes preaching and serving!

      Evangelism can happen anywhere…with or without an expensive budget. The preacher without electricity baptized 3 believers this week.

      What say you!


(Why do you do) the things you do?

     What do you want to be when you grow up? A fireman! A policeman! an astronaut! a nurse! a doctor! a lawyer! We all have plans, don’t we?

     How many of you wanted to be… a single parent? divorced? unemployed? bankrupt? Yet, many of us have also claimed these titles.

     so…why do you do the things you do and how do you glorify GOD in them? Is your work honorable, kind, compassionate and worthy? Are you a Christian at the firehouse, the squadroom, the hospital or the bank? Does you light shine as you plumb? Or weld? Or pick veggies or clean houses? Are you the salt of the earth as a lawyer? Are you the bomb as a bus driver?

     And when things get hard…are you a Christian when the bill collector calls? Can you keep your cool when a policeman stops you? When the garbageman turns over your trash in the street?

     Do you minister to your…ex…as Jesus would? What about your probation officer? or if you are in authority, do you minister to those below you? the sick, injured, imprisoned, addicted and down and out?

     Do you show Jesus to the mayor and the butcher? to the taxi driver and airplane pilot? to the sweet young girl at work or the woman with the sailor’s vocabulary?

      Why do you do the things you do? Tell me!

(Is) dating God’s way?

     “….she is free to marry, only in the Lord!” I corinth. 7:39 (part)

     We (believers) use the Bible as instruction book for many things. How to sing…look in the book. How to worship…look in the book. Tithing…look in the book.  How one should dress…look in the book. What we “believe”…look in the book……

     So…what about dating? What does “the book” say about “dating”?

     How about the “golden rule”? Do unto others…is it ok to “test drive” another human being, either physically or emotionally?   Of course not! Do we put our “best foot forward” and hide our flaws and emotional baggage? Most singles say they want to meet someone who  is genuine yet judge by appearance (enhanced by makeup, nice clothes (not just ladies- I know most women will swoon for a man in a tux) and anonimity.

     How about being involved in the local church singles ministry, community service projects and worsip? Go slow…observe…see what the real person is all about!

     Lately, I have listened to several heartbroken singles…

     “I thought he was so nice…until I found him on YouTube stealing his opponents campaign signs (he was running for local office). What a sleeze!

     “I can’t believe my babydaddy has split and is no longer interested in me, now that I’m pregnant!”

      “She seemed so nice. I wish I had known she wouldn’t take our children to church!”

      You see, each of these “believers” dated worldly people and compromised their principles. they took the test drive and had an “accident” on the highway of life!

     God’s way says…marry a Christian! Hang out (in groups) with Christians! Let your Christian family and friends input into your dating choices (Honor your father and mother…)

      And remember, what you see is seldom what you get! Makeup! Pushup! Dress up! are all deceptive ways to entice.

     How about a good Heart (check) up before you are smitten? Goodness is hard to find but worth waiting for.