What a Friend We Have in Jesus!

A friend who helps the weary and burdened, who can give rest and relief (Matthew 11:28). A friend who gives (all) more than he takes. What a difference!
Many of you know that we have a weekly worship service at the Veranda Senior living Center (not a nursing home). Our youth group conducts the service once a month and I do most of the rest. It has been a wonderful blessing. We have had one baptism, one wedding (staff members) and numerous “revivals” of spiritual activity. My children also assist me from time to time.
Our residents like the “old songs”. “What a friend we have in Jesus”! “Amazing Grace”! “In the Garden”! We taught them “Down to the River”. And the youth groups mixes in some “new songs”. The important thing is Jesus Christ is preached and all participate together!


This Saturday morning my brother George will be honored by the Lillian, Alabama, Optimist club as the officer of the month. I sent you the story! He was checking fishing licenses and the “alleged culprits” were so rattled that they accidently drove their car into the bay. The water was very shallow but cold and he had to both rescue them and lend them a blanket to warm up with. Then one fled the scene, leaving his driver’s license with my brother. A funny story in the life of a public servant!
I’m proud of George. He is a good brother. He is a wonderful Christian, husband, father (5 kids) and recently grandfather. An example to the community with a kind heart and wonderful attitude.
SHARE YOUR STORY with us, your Christian family. We want to know about your loved ones! We also need (as family) to be encouraged by hearing what the good brothers and sisters are doing out there. We don’t hear the good stuff enough!


This weekend many of you will reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. We desire to connect…to belong….And we should. After all, we are well connected! Brothers and sisters of the most high king! Heirs! Children of GOD! Beloved of the Father! So, greet one another with a Holy kiss and enjoy a glimpse of heaven!
Hello to Joe & Lonnie! Thanks for what you do for our singles at CFBC!!

I don’t fit in the young professionals/college group (2)

My husband died at work three years ago. I have 2 children. I’m 32 years old and have no peers. I don’t fit with the widows (though they are sweet and I go to the luncheon) and the college age doesn’t understand what I deal with everyday. I visited a local “denominational” singles group and appreciate the friends I have met but one of my elders insinuated that I was “falling away” and shouldn’t “fellowship” those people! The people at my congregation are limited in number and married. Help!

I don’t fit in the young professionals/college group!!!!!!!!!!

The 3 following cnversations are paraphrased but legitimate conversations with singles:

I’m not a kid! I’m out of college and have a professional JOB! I am single (by choice but willing to look). I’m almost (30?), not 19. I pay my bills and live alone. I want to fit in but the only calls from church are to ask me to serve in the nursery. I long for the christian family that I read about in Acts 2:42f, the one that takes care of one another. Isn’t this what Christianity is all about.

Hi! I’m a 20 year old female. I don’t fit in the college class because I have no interest in college! Don’t you DARE call me a LOSER! Yes, I dropped out at 16 and got my GED. Yes, I went to Vo-tech. I own my own business, pay my bills and mortgage, am involved at church. I have a boyfriend and will wait til I’m married. So, what have I done wrong to be excluded?