Dealing with Stress and Insomnia (alone)

     Feeling overwhelmed? I am. I work very hard and am in NJ by myself for at least 6 more weeks. I have a good job. It is fulfilling, pays well and has good benefits. But my loved ones are in Florida. So, I worry……

     Prayer helps. It is a good start. Sometimes I feel petty talking to God about the RV repairs needed when kids are hungry around the world. I want a job near Pensacola that meets my needs as well as this one does. Others are unemployed. I have performed ministry for almost 20 years as a lay person but even with a counseling degree from a Christian college, I am not employable at a church it seems. I miss my family. I need to be home with the kids….

     And I am not sleeping. So, my mind races. I know thought stopping techniques but the thoughts haven’t stopped. The repair bill will be too much…I have to take and pass ACLS so I will be more employable but have not interest in the subject matter….I have filled out applications and sent resumes but only the wrong people are calling back…morning comes and I am planning for a nap…

     It is very hard being alone. I have good support and friends at church. People care. And it still hard.

     So, prayers are appreciated!

     I don’t for a minute forget how hard it is for those who are single, single parents or those grieving a divorce or death of a spouse. It’s hard! God is good! We need to be good to one another and support, encourage and pray!