Responsibilities of the Church to the Singles Parent

Many never married “women” choose to be sexually active and risk pregnancy. Others deliberately become pregnant to either have a child or “hold on” to a relationship. Many “men” are only happy to oblige. Thus our culture accepts the following mores as truth:

–It’s ok to be sexually active to please yourself or to have a child

–Single adults must be sexually active.

–Single men cannot be held responsible for their actions and are reduced to a bilogical sperm donor who is unnecessary in a child’s life.

As a Christian, I REJECT this lack of reasoning! Christians must take a stand for what is right. We must communicate that pre-marital sex is wrong. The singles ministers (ok, so you don’t have one…) and yourn ministers must teach abstinence! If sexual intercoarse has started, it has to stop to walk the Christian walk. We must create a safe environment where accountability can be established. We can teach right and wrong and emphasize God’s standard for purity. Although we can be forgiven, we must CHOOSE not to sin.

If already a single parent, you can expect your church to spiritually and emotional support you and your children. We, the church, are obligated to assist you to reconcile with God (Gal. 6:1)

Tell me what you think. Get involved in your local church! Expect the love of the church.


Communication basics for men

Things not to say on a first date could include all of the following:

Yo, Baby! Hey, Baby! etc. are not appropriate ice breakers………

I HATE that dress!   -or- that dress makes you look fat  -or- do you dress from K-mart????

I have a history of ____________ (insert your worst flaw).

Are you grumpy all the time or is it just me??

Tell me again about your ex!

Did you bring your wallet?

You’ll have to drive. My drinking problem caused me to lose my license (if this is true, you already know the pain of it).

Ok….so a little humor this week. share your thoughts (funny or serious) Check out the upcoming events including the Tennessee, Deltona and WALT DISNEY WORLD Singles events and expect alot of e-mails about the same. God bless you all! Jim

Communication with the Opposite Sex

I remember asking my grandfather, a man of few words, “How do you talk to girls?” He replied, “I don’t! Last time I did, your grandmother thought I liked her and we got married”

I persisted. He told me to say ” Hi Mary! That’s a nice dress.” “but grandpa” I protested. “girls aren’t wearing dresses to school anymore” He answered in all his wisdom “I guess you are on your own now,boy”

So, how do you communicate with the man or woman across the table from you? I think there are plenty of singles out there who are willing to (go on a date….have a relationship….hold hands) but it is so hard to communicate! What is she thinking? What does she like? How do I tell her that the dress makes her look fat??? Can I be honest and tell her I hate antiquing or do I have to tag along and pretend I like it?

SO….communicate about communication! What are you thinking??

New poll!!! Building a better team!

According to Asch and Milgram, the best combination of persons to build into a strong, supportive team would be:

A) persons of similar age and interest

B) same sex

C) groups that have worked together previously

D) combination of various ages and backgrounds

E) groups with a similar core belief

What do you think? If you were to build a ministry, where would you start?

Christian Chronicle article about singles

Thanks to Bobby Ross and the Christian Chronicle for interviewing and writing about our singles in the church. Greg Fite and Nicole Perrett spoke out about their life situations and Gateway singles minister Ed Humphries also shared his opinion. So, look up the article (all comments are on page 16 and 17). What more can we do to inform about your situation?

Check out the WDW singles weekend info. Should be a fun weekend for all (and a way to invite many who don’t normally participate)!!


I am an American. I go to the store when I want to, buy what I can, drive my car, have a job I chose and worship GOD in a manner I choose!!! And, I take it for granted. I shouldn’t. My freedom was paid for with blood over the last 234 years. Sacrifice was made for me by people who didn’t know me so I could walk free. And I say THANK YOU! To each soldier, sailor, marine, airman and coastie who served. To each veteran who might be homeless or working in the next cubicle. To Washington, Adams, Jefferson…but also alias Smith and Jones who liberated this country! God bless America and Praise GOD!

I am also thankful for the sacrifice on the cross by Jesus who KNOWS my sorry little devious heart and chose to go through it anyway! My GOD, how I long to worship you appropriately!