Bookstore and Marketplace

The Prodical Returns (short devotionals about dealing with life) by Ken Jones.

Order LAUNCH polos from Jim

Transformed:Intimacy with GOD- Dr. Anthony Fischetto. $12.

Great books for mother/father’s day. Why a girl/boy needs a mother/father…$10 shipping included jim: Slot Cars and Hobby Shop. Bill Pinch

Michael O’Neal – “An Angels’ View”  the book:

About Michael:


4 responses to “Bookstore and Marketplace

  1. A Prodigal Return by Ken Jones $18.00 contact
    Would you like to read a book that will make you feel good about yourself? Be assured of God’s awesome love, grace, mercy and forgiveness? Would you like to read a book with multiple topics discussions? You want to laugh, cry and just let God touch your heart? Try A Prodigal Return.

  2. I am working on a blog.
    I also sell Origami Owl Jewelry and skin care. Follow me on facebook. Search for Rachel Skocdopole Miller. All of my social media and business links are on my wall.

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