Prayer Requests…………………..

8/27/16—Prayers for Annette (health) and her friends, including Charlie.

1/16/16—–Please pray for Linda Runge from Savannah, GA.

She had a mild to moderate stroke sometime on Wednesday. She is in CCU 124. at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Savannah.   Linda is breathing on her own now and she is improving. If you want updates, please contact FB: Jerry N. McCloud from Savannah and he will add you to their private FB page.  You will get updates.  (Carol)
Linda is back at home and is doing great!! Praise the Lord!



3 responses to “Prayer Requests…………………..

  1. Would You Pray With Us & For Us:
    Praying to be blessed to reach the 5000 in poverty in Allen.
    Praying to reach the 40,000 + thousand that claim they have no religious affiliation and introduce them to Jesus.
    Praying to reach people from the many ethnic backgrounds that are represented from all over the globe that reside in Allen.
    Thank you, – Keith Brown at AgapePoint Church

  2. Pray for Mark (who has complications after liver transplant………….)
    Pray for Charles (glioblastoma)

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