The Dating Game Part 2! (Really)

Yes, we remember the dating game. We have the Bachelor. Dating in the Dark (really, they had that). And a show years ago on MTV that was rather crude. Lots of ideas and attempts to entertain about our ineptness at “dating”. So, here are a few thoughts:Where to Find A date WHERE DO I FIND A DATE?

You meet people at work, at school, in business and at the church building. We facebook, Instagram, twitter, skype and text. Occasionally, we make a phone call. We are the most “connected” yet “disconnected” we have ever been. Let’s talk about computer dating….

computerdateSO, WHAT ABOUT COMPUTER DATING? A PERSONAL AD WITH YOUR PICTURE ON IT…CAN’T GO WRONG………well…………. Yes, it can. People put their best face forward (in their opinion). So, it is a staged attempt. It can be viewed as shallow or worldly. Or you just take a BAD picture. Yes, show your sense of humor. Beware! Unless you are a comedian, you might not be funny.


YOU GOT THE CHURCH OF CHRIST SINGLES.COM, CHURCHES-OFCHRIST-SINGLES.NET, CHRISTIAN MINGLE, E- HARMONY, MATCH.COM, FISH IN A BARREL AND JANITOR IN A DRUM…………….Who owns these things? A few are owned by Christian interests. Many are owned by media conglomerates who also own…….(drum role please)….. Cosmopolitan, Allure and even more scandalous publications. So, they may not understand where you are coming from (but will love your money).

Silbano Garcia, Church of Christ minister and the founder of states that computer dating can be very safe and deliberate and it enables you to meet people you would not have met otherwise. Many good marriages have happened because of each of the (legitimate) services above. He recommends you ask lots of questions, ask the church where the person attends for personal references and visit to go to church. Hazards include…they lied….they don’t look like that…while they attend church, they may not be seeking Jesus……..Be careful!



Why not find a friend in your singles group, church group and small group? Why not attend the LAUNCH seminars (which are Jesus centered, fellowship oriented and affordable)? 


And if you do meet someone…………Start easy. Go to a public place for coffee, ice cream…be friends…

(edited from an article 2014 by Jim Miller)


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