The Fruit of the Spirit is JOY!

The Fruit if the spirit is ….JOY!

    More than being happy, Christians are filled with joy when they are living the way God wants us to. Joy is being glad no matter what is happening in our lives. We can be glad and know that GOD is in control no matter what is happening in our lives.

King David was a joyful man. Even though he had many enemies who were always chasing and trying to kill him, David wrote many psalms that we read today, all of them praising God for how great He is. Joy leads us to praise God for his greatness.

BIBLE VERSE for TODAY:  “Though you have not seen him, you love him. Though you do not see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory” 1 Peter 1:8

Jesus: More than anyone else in all of history, Jesus faced extremely difficult circumstances. He lived a perfect life, always caring for others, but people still hated him, and he was killed for it. Still, even though Jesus knew that he would have to die on the cross and even though so many people mocked him, Jesus was full of joy(Luke 10:21). Being joyful leads us to praise God.

Real life: Laura is the most joyful person I know. Before I was a Christian, I wondered how she could always be so happy all the time. Even when her mom was diagnosed with cancer, I never saw Laura be sad, or heard her complain about her circumstances. Once I became a Christian, I realized Laura isn’t happy all the time, in fact, she did cry when she found out her mom had cancer, but she was always joyful and praising God.

Application: talk with the children about different ways to work on being joyful. (Like reading Psalms).


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