Storms Never Last

Waylon and Jessie sang it years ago. “Storms never last do they baby? Bad times all pass in the wind”.

Many a relationship is forfeited over a bad experience, a bad choice or lack of forgiveness. We know how devastating adultery can be to a marriage. What about when you are single?

Red flags are red for a reason! Many people reason that “he” will settle down after the marriage – or – “she” will be faithful after babies are born. Maybe “he” won’t hit me again – or – maybe “she” will come home on time…. if they would just …. grow up.

Here are a few bullets of reality for you:

  • If he/she cheats on you now, you might experience the same later
  • If he/she hits you, you should run because it gets worse
  • If they won’t work now, you will probably support them for life
  • IF church isn’t important to them now…..
  • If they don’t seem to like children, you have a problem

Storms never last but you can get out of the rain …. js


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