Building New Relationships

My sixteen year old daughter asks a lot of questions about relationships. She would like a boyfriend. He would have to be a strong Christian, certainly not cuss or drink, listen to her problems, be mature and responsible, handsome and not needy. And accept her just the way she is….

I tell her to 1) Be nice 2) Be kind 3) do what you are supposed to do 4) Be where you are supposed to be……

Here are a few more pointers that work well whether dating, in the workplace or in general.

  • Don’t share too much of your personal life too fast.  Get to know a person before you confess all your faults.
  • Don’t have a closed mind. You have a right to your beliefs but it’s ok to let someone else verbalize their beliefs. You will seem more approachable and interesting.
  • Don’t gossip. It makes you seem spiteful.
  • Limit the name dropping. It doesn’t make you seem more important.
  • IF you are having a face to face conversation, do NOT allow the phone/text to interrupt. You can call/text back. Be a listener.
  • Limit your emotional outburst. Being overly angry, crying, being impatient or dejected will limit the interactions around you.
  • Before you make final conclusions about what someone is saying, clarify! It shows you are a good listener and might encourage the other person to rethink their statement.
  • Realize that many people are not as passionate about work/religion/social causes/ hobbies as you are!
  • Be humble. Goodness will show through.

What if the person I am around is unbearable? Hmmm! Well, after you have given them a chance, you might have to say “Excuse me!” and walk away.



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