What is a “support group” ministry/BLOG?

People ask me from time to time, ” How is your singles group?”

That is a great question! How is our group? Can I even define the “group”? What does the group do? Where does it go? Why is it (there)? Who is (in) the group? What is the group for?

First of all, L.A.U.N.C.H. (Let’s All Unite iN Christ’s Honor) has never been a cut and dry, located, put your finger on it group. It is a (extremely) loose SUPPORT ORGANISM. Often “it” is a one way support group with a purpose of encouraging Christian Singles as they navigate through the challenges of life. Occasionally a few (maybe 12 or 22 or 200) single Christians and their friends and family will gather together for an event. An annual Singles Conference somewhere in Florida. Singles Classes at lectureships (Spiritual Growth Workshop in Orlando or Pepperdine in Malibu). A tubing trip, a Christian concert, dinner, Christmas lights or the Paula Dean trolley in Savannah. We have been to a Braves game and the Georgia Aquarium, Sightseeing in New Orleans and New York and the Tenth Annual Singles Retreat at Disney. More often, it is a case of friends chatting online about the hardships of life. Complicated times like being alone yet the mother of six. Being a believer and working to produce better entertainment in Hollywood, grieving the death of a wonderful spouse or the loss of a potential marriage. Celebrating the joys and accomplishment of life. You see, as Christians, we are the church. Individuals with the highs and lows of a roller coaster. A high five here, a brush off of dust there. And prayer. I am happy to lift each name in prayer when asked. Mission trips? Many go and serve in Central America, Africa, America’s Inner Cities and recently for us, Europe.

Where is the group? Well, some live in California and others in New Jersey. Many are scattered around Florida and Tennessee, Texas and North Dakota, Lithuania to Honduras. Ten percent are people that I have met face to face (does that surprise you?). Most are people who text, FB post or E-mail. Stories of abuse, neglect and disappointment. But also tales of success, new starts and triumph.

What can you “accomplish” with such an eclectic group? A good question! I don’t have a great answer….. I can point to the obvious.

  • Over 20 years an unfunded, non-budgeted ministry has been instrumental in over 100 baptisms and many more people returning to their church roots.
  • Numerous marriages have occurred and only one “failure” that I know of.
  • Kids who we met in youth groups have stayed loosely connected through college, dating and now share there marriages and baby pictures.
  • Numerous bumps in the road have been overcome and more will be encountered.

What does the future hold? Hmm. Again, the obvious.

  • LAUNCH 2018 Singles Conference will be in Tallahassee and old friends will gather and new friends will be made.
  • Small get togethers (like wave boards, fish tacos and a sunset) will be shared.
  • Opportunities to reach others through meetings with ministers locally and chats around the country will occur.
  • DivorceCare and personal notes and phone calls will help people heal.

     If you are looking for a “real” ministry that you can define led by a “real preacher”, this isn’t it. If you are looking for a place to connect, encourage, ventilate or just read to improve, L.A.U.N.C.H. Christians Singles could make a difference for you.



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