Freedom to go on a mission….a blessing of singleness

     You are single and answer to only God and yourself (unless you are a single parent- another story)

Why not go on a mission trip?

We ( Jameson went with me this year) just returned from Lithuania. I went last year (with daughter Jessica).

Here are some positive observations from the trip:

  • It is very easy to encourage AND be encouraged! There is not another church on the corner or in the next neighborhood to “compete” or “steal sheep from”.  The Christians there are thankful for and willing to fellowship. They have a limited support system and love to talk and ask/ answer questions and show you their world.
  • Believers are not “worried” about the speck of sawdust in your life. They know hardship and reality. If you clap your hands or move your feet (in Step by Step), it is ok (and also if you don’t).
  • The mission field is not “politically correct” and you are allowed to not be perfect.
  • (At Ruta Christian Camp) everyone you meet is a Christian because of outreach. They understand how to be friends in Jesus.
  • The kids you minister to take their stories home and then they BRING their parents to church!!!!
  • You make lifetime and “forever” friends!

So, think about it! I need some good, patient and adaptable singles to go next summer. Or, go on a mission as a medical good Samaritan, build houses in Honduras or whatever!


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